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Monday, September 18th, 2017

While I was teaching for the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild in Johnson City, TN, Joe was driving around the Johnson City area. He visited the colonial, territorial home of William Cobb near Piney Flats which was completed in 1771. Cobb named it Mount Rock and in 1790, Cobb’s home and property became the first capitol of the Southwest Territory.




Rather than drive the main highway, Joe decided to head down a country road  through the village of Piney Flats. He passed its General Store…



and saw this sign –



After he saw this sign, Joe just had to stop and visit. Joe said he was only going there to insure the owners were not falsely advertising their product.



At the door to the distillery stood a large man who introduced himself as Tiny Robertson.


East Tennessee Distilleries was started by Neil (call me Tiny) Robertson in 2011. To learn more about Tiny, his family and great products visit his location or his website

After serving in the United States Navy, Tiny worked as a chemist in a corporate lab. He followed the call and has become a master moonshine distiller. His process and facility are wonderful. Mellomoon starts with pure, limestone Tennessee water



Corn and cane sugar are added to produce a beer which is fermented for specific periods of time



When perfectly fermented,  the beer is sent to one of two stills: Beulah and Suzie (Suzie is the larger of the two)



Once distilled to the desired percentage of alcohol, the moonshine is sent to Tiny’s better half, Doris, for bottling and labeling.



According to Tiny, the end product is “the planet’s finest Moonshine!”



Of course, Joe visited the tasting room and had to sample all twelve of their flavors, the 100 and 151 proof shine. I think he had to call a cab for his ride back to the hotel.



My Joe knows his Bar-B-Q, his Beer and his Moonshine and he agrees that Mellomoon is, in fact, the “Planet’s Best and Finest Shine!”



Brenda Barnhardt from the Clustered Spire Quilt Guild in Frederick, Maryland sent me this photo of her finished “Circles Squared” class project.  I love all the embellishments she added.  She took a first place ribbon at the Frederick Fair.  Here is the story Brenda shared with me:

“I really had fun with it and took it much further than my initial expectations.  There was a woman at my mother’s nursing home, Verna, who used to be her roommate. Verna had to go into Hospice in recent months.  She was a vibrant, intelligent and interesting woman.  She and I shared a love of sewing and fabrics.  As her health declined, her mind never did and I was inspired to take my quilt to a higher level as I thought about her.  I named it “Verna’s Garden – Ladybug Love” as it evolved and took it to show her at various stages.  I had hoped to finish it for her though her eyesight was failing, but she passed away a couple of weeks ago before I finished it three days later.”

Brenda, thank you so much for sharing your quilt and your story.  And congratulations on your 1st place win.  I was having a bit of a bad day, nothing serious just some minor things that were getting me down, and your email just lifted me right out of my funk.  Thanks.



I cannot stop myself from reading more of Heather Gudenkauf’s books.  This one had me sucked in from the first page.  Amelia Winn is a nurse.  When helping a rape victim in the parking lot of the hospital, both she and the patient are hit by a car that does not stop to help.  The patient is killed and Amelia suffers numerous injuries….. the worst…..she is now deaf.  She spirals downward and her husband, who has tried to help her, kicks her out of the house because of her drinking.  Amelia is getting her life back on track with the help of her trained hearing dog, Stitch.  As Stitch and Amelia are paddle boarding on the river they come across a dead body.   Good read.  I could not put it down.

Johnson City, TN, Tennessee Quilt Shop and Book Review

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

I just returned home from a trip to the Blue Ridge Quilters Guild in Johnson City, Tennessee. What a beautiful area and a special group of quilters. To learn more about these quilters and their bi-monthly meetings and classes contact:

Here are some of the ladies at the lecture.



And, some at one of the workshops.




Jonesborough is a few miles from Johnson City and is the home of Tennessee Quilts, one of my favorite quilt shops. Any time I am within a few hours of the shop, I make a stop. You should too!!



The fabric choices and displays are heavenly.






And, their selection of scissors…….simply Perfect!



We ate every meal in Johnson City at Cootie Brown’s, a must stop for anyone living in or visiting the area. Tuesday is Tamales night!! Yummy.



Just walking up puts a smile on your face. What great colors.



I like the flowers and the broken, colored glass.



Check out these cool and colorful tables. No two are alike.



Their menu is a newspaper!!





Wanda John of Bristol, TN showing her finished Garden Medley Quilt. Good Job, Wanda.



Darlene finished her Majestic Mosaic block! Way to go  Darlene. Your work will inspire others to finish. Thank you for sharing.





As I’ve been doing some hand applique, I listened to another good audio book, “The Twenty-Three” by Linwood Barclay.  I have read several other books by Linwood Barclay and liked them so I thought I’d take a chance on another one.  Good news….it was good, too.  Over Memorial Day weekend, the town of Promise Falls is in trouble.  Hundreds of people are getting sick and many have died. The emergency crews cannot keep up with the catastrophe.    At the same time, a college student is found murdered.  (Glad I don’t live in Promise Falls.  Lots of bad stuff going on there.)  Detective Duckworth has his hands full.  Good listen while I was sewing.  I remain a Linwood Barclay fan.

Pictures from this summer and Book Review

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Summer is coming to an end and I will be venturing out to teach tomorrow.  I’ve enjoyed six weeks of what I call “down time” which means sewing time and not traveling time.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the last three weeks.

Someone dumped this tiny kitten, Stray Kitty 42, near our home. She had a respiratory infection and weighed one pound.  After feeding her for four days, we were able to catch her, take her to the vet and find her a good home.



Here she is, ten days later, the day she left us, healthy and ready to join her new family.



Kitty Carlisle did not mind the guest for a few days.  Several of you asked about Kitty Carlisle and she is doing very well.




You know I love bugs.  (I like them outside of my house….not inside…I don’t like them inside…) Here are just a couple of my bug photos from the past several weeks.







Of course, our vultures: baby Val



Mom and Dad, Velma and Victor, laying at the bottom of our steps!



And, all three waving at us!




As always, there was fishing with Uncle Joe.  How cute is Adeline?  She’s adorable.



Parker is looking good, too.  Yep, fishing with Uncle Joe went well.



And, so many wonderful flowers.




Enough down time, now to hit the road. Tennessee, here I come. Until next week   …     .




Being home for the past several weeks, I have been getting lots of hand applique done on a new quilt.  While I’m sewing, I enjoy listening to audio books.  I just finished “Shadow Creek” by Joy Fielding.  I had not read one of her books in ages.  Sometimes I find new authors and I forget to go back and see what new books my favorite old authors have published.  This was a thriller-murder mystery.  A young couple is murdering older couples in secluded wooded areas.  The main characters end up camping in the area where this young couple is murdering.  ……..If you are a camper or live in a secluded place in the woods you might not want to read this….scary.

A Few Of My Favorite Things, Student’s Work and Book Review

Monday, August 14th, 2017

I’ve had some requests to share information on my favorite chairs in my sewing room.  While I’m at it, I am going to share information on more than just the chair.  First, the most comfortable chair I have ever owned is one made by Herman Miller.  This chair is not cheap.  During my travels many years ago, there was a Herman Miller chair at the desk in my hotel room.  Here are some thoughts….great marketing idea because I bought one after sitting in it.  The chair adjusts in many different ways…height of seat, height of arm rests, tilt, back support….  If you think this is something you might want, I suggest you do what I did….go to the store and sit in them (many different options).  If you are a sewer/quilter, you can be in this chair for hours at a time and still be comfortable.  Comfortable is a necessity!  No back pain after sitting for a long time so I feel my money was well spent.  If you search Herman Miller, you can see if there is a store near you.  There were no stores near me however, I checked around during my quilting/teaching travels and there was a store in the area where I was going to teach.  Lucky me.


Also, in the above photo and below are several more of my favorite things.   Yes, of course, my BERNINA sewing machine.  I love my BERNINA machines.  Yes, I said machines plural.  I have two in my room.  My opinion again…what if one is not working properly and it needs to go to the BERNINA hospital for a check up or surgery?  You don’t ever want to be without a working machine.  Not ever.  I don’t think I could sleep at night if I did not have a working sewing machine (just kidding. Kinda).

Next, the light over the machine.  I saw these in the classroom last year at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Not even my classroom….just a machine sewing room that I passed by.  I stopped and walked in (not during class….right before class started) and thought….now that’s one nice light. So, I ordered one.  I don’t have one single regret.  These lights are made by Daylight.  Here is the information:  LED Slimline Table Lamp S, Model U35107 Chrome.  This one clips onto my table.  They also make a floor model version.

And, finally, in this photo is a thread stand that attaches to my machine.  It holds multiple spools of thread along with some of my bobbins.  I have found that a lot of my threads like coming off the spool and going through the thread guides on my stand as opposed to sitting on my machine thread spindles.  What I mean by that….I get a better stitch, better tension.  I think the stand is called a Conductor Thread Stand under the BERNINA accessories.  If I am remembering correctly, there is one that holds 10 spools and one that holds 20 spools.


The last of my favorite things for this blog is my other Herman Miller chair.  Since I do a lot of prepared edge applique techniques, I sit at my ironing station for many hours at a time.  Again, I don’t want to have back pain and I was getting it right between my shoulder blades.  Ouch.  So, I looked and found a Herman Miller drafting chair.  The height was perfect for where I sit to iron edges.


Not realizing this when I took the photo…two of my other favorite chairs sit in the background of my ironing station.  They are the two Best of Show awards received in Paducah.  Crazy as it sounds, Renae and I were sooooooo excited to get a chair.  If you are a top winner at the AQS show in Paducah, you win a chair.  (Think of this like Oprah saying….you win a car, and you win a car….because that is how I feel.)  Getting two of these chairs is a very big deal.  If I never get another chair the rest of my life, I’m going to be OK.  I love my chairs.  All of them.

I am in my happy place when I am in my studio/sewing room..



Anne Chamberlain from the guild in Edmonds, WA, where I taught in July, just emailed me a photo of her finished machine applique Circles Squared project.   Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful finished quilt Anne.



Just finished reading “Same Beach, Next Year”.  Two couples have an incidental meeting at their beach condos.  Adam Stanley and Eve Landers were high school sweethearts and this encounter, a chance meeting at the beach, brings back lots of memories.  Their spouses notice the glances between them.  The four of them along with their children, look forward to seeing each other at Wild Dunes every summer during their vacations .  The whole time I was reading this book I kept thinking it would be a great read for the beach….while I was sitting on my sofa at home….no where near the beach.  But the story took me to the beach so I felt like I got a mini vacation.  Enjoyable summer read.

Until next week……

Seattle, Chihuly, Mount Rainier and Book Review

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Dale Chihuly, Seattle’s favorite son and glass artist extraordinaire, built a beautiful museum to house some of his work. It is located adjacent to the Space Needle.


Here are a few of the pieces on display inside the museum. Incredible!!








One afternoon we drove out to Mount Rainier and passed through a nice little village.



As we drove through the park we’d round a bend and be amazed at the glacial peak.




Purple mountain majesties.  Bet there is fruit out there on the plain.




I just finished another great read….”The Weight of Silence” by Heather Gudenkauf.  I could not put this book down.  The story begins with two little girls that have gone missing.  As the story unfolds you find out about Calli’s alcoholic father and the toll this has taken on their family.   Calli is a selective mute which came about because of a situation she witnessed between her parents.  Petra and Calli are the same age and meet in school.  They become best friends and Petra becomes Calli’s voice.  Good read.

Enjoy the rest of your summer……

Seattle, Book Review and Student’s Work

Monday, July 31st, 2017

After teaching in Edmonds, we drove into Seattle. What a wonderful city and we had Perfect Weather!  In the mid 70’s and not one drop of rain.

Must stop number One is Kerry Park. There was a plaque in this quaint little park that read “Kerry Park was given to the City in 1927 by Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, so that all who stop here may enjoy the view.”

Wow, what a view! And, check out Mt. Rainier in the distance.




Second must stop: The Public Market; its fresh fish and flower stalls are fab-u-lous.







The Market, specifically Number 1912 Pike Place,  is also the birthplace of:



Joe loves their coffee.  We waited a long time to see the inside and purchase a collectible mug from the very first Starbucks.



Although it may have been the first, it is one of 24,000 worldwide today (I think 20,000 of them are in Seattle).



There are so many wonderful stores and shops for whatever you need: need a parasol? They’ve got it



Walked by a store called All Saints and they had a display of over 600 antique sewing machines. Amazing!





Another must see is Pioneer Square or Old Town Seattle, with its quaint shops. Nice totem.


Grand building entrances



and my favorite: Chocolate!!




Next week, we’ll visit the Chihuly Glass Museum and Mount Rainer National Park. I love that I am home sewing for 6 weeks straight and spending time with my sweet girl, Tillie.  She’s not in the best of health so I like spending as much time with her as possible.






I just finished listening to “The Black Ice” by Michael Connelly.  I’ve read most of Michael Connelly’s books but somehow had missed this older one from 1993.  It is the second book involving one of my most favorite characters: Harry Bosch.  Harry is investigating the death/suicide of a fellow police officer. He loves his job, but hates rules, police policy and butt kissing brass. They all get in the way of solving crimes. Harry travels to Mexico to follow some leads and disobeys the chief when told to return. Great characters and great story.

If you are a Harry Bosch fan or even if you don’t know this character….. Amazon Television has an original series, which I did not know about until recently, called “Bosch”.  It is in it’s 3rd season.  I’m not normally one for binge watching, but this was my exception.  I could not stop watching.  Each season has a story line that threads through the season.  The acting was spot on with the book characters.  All the actors were very well selected for their rolls.  I cannot wait for season 4. Thanks Amazon and Michael Connelly.



Sandra Fry took my Kansas Rose machine applique workshop when I taught in Garland, Texas last month.  She sent me this photo.  She used her finished block on her new tote bag.  Nice job and very good use of your block Sandra.  Thanks for sharing.




Edmonds, Washington, Students’ Work and Book Review

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

I get to travel to some wonderful places. I just returned from one of the coolest: Edmonds, Washington and the Quilters’ Anonymous Guild. Coolest in temperature, sites, shops, galleries, coffee, flowers and quilters. To learn more about this guild visit their website

Here are a few photos of quilters attending my evening and morning lecture and my machine applique workshop.

First is the evening group.


This is the morning group.

And, here are some of the ladies hard at work in the machine applique workshop.


Edmonds is a port town a few minutes north of Seattle built on a hill overlooking the water. It is known for its flowers, shops and salmon fishing. We walked every morning and here are some of the amazing things we saw.


The Ferry which runs every 30 minutes.



A great salmon sculpture at the fishing dock.



Another sculpture entitled “Whale Watching”.






Check out those snow covered peaks in the distance. Ahh!!!



We could not get over the flowers. They were everywhere and so lush.










Joe visited the Ballard Locks while I was teaching. He wanted to see the salmon ladder on the side of the lock.



He spotted a fisherman standing in front of the ladder.  This guy is truly one of the best fisherman.




Look, a female and male king fisher.



We did get to spend some time in downtown Seattle and the surrounding area which I will share in future blogs.



On my recent trip to Edmonds, Washington, Cathy Baughmann brought her finished Folk Art Fantasy project.  Cathy had taken this class from me awhile ago and, since I was in the area, she was kind enough to bring it in and share it with me.

Sandra Olsen, also a Quilters Anonymous member, shared her completed Garden Medley Project. Great job ladies.





I had not read a Lisa Gardner book for awhile.  I really like her books and realized how much I missed reading her.  I believe this is the 7th in a series she calls the “Quincy and Rainie” series….the names of the two main characters.  Quincy, retired FBI profiler, and his wife, Rainie, are getting ready to adopt Sharlah May Nash.  Sharlah and her brother Telly have not seen each other in many years.  They were separated when Telly killed their father defending he and Sharlah’s life.  There were great twists and turns in this book.  I would have never guessed “who done it”…….Great read.

Cleveland, U2, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Student’s Work

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Joe wanted to spend his birthday weekend in Cleveland and I said “What?? Cleveland, Ohio??” I am so very glad we went. What a wonderful city with a great downtown full of refurbished historical buildings, theaters, sports complexes, restaurants, parks, museums and Lake Erie.



We arrived at our hotel and walked to the Cleveland Brown’s stadium for a concert featuring OneRepublic and U2.



We had a wonderful view of the stage and sang along with Bono and the Edge.



A grand time was had by all 60,000 attendees.




In the morning, we walked to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame and around town. Here is what we saw…..



We had to get a shot of us.



The world’s largest rubber stamp made for John D. Rockerfeller’s Standard Oil Company and donated to the city.




The Veteran’s Memorial with the names of all residents who have given their lives for our nation.



I loved that the city has taken many of its older buildings and re-purposed them into hotels, offices, residences, shops, etc. Here is the former Cleveland Merchant Trust Building which was across the street from our hotel.



Here  is the dome from inside the building. The murals tell the history of Cleveland.



Check out the amazing stained glass.



And what is it now? A phenomenal grocery store with bakery, deli, coffee shop, and sushi bar. Great use for this space.



In the afternoon, we visited the Hall of Fame. Wow!




A few of the hundred of musical groups, duets and individuals honored at the Hall. Of course: the King.









I loved Jimmy Hendrix’s outfits: my style and colors.



Of course, Steven Tyler’s outfit from Aerosmith was equally amazing.



Whether you call him Jonnie Cougar, John Cougar, John Cougar Mellancamp, John Mellancamp, or just John, this hometown boy from Bloomington, Indiana and his music will live forever because he’s “” R” ” O” “C” “K” in the USA”




The school boy’s uniform of crushed velvet and guitar of AC/DC’s Angus Young.




And, of course, a tribute to Ireland’s finest: U2!



The featured exhibit was for Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50th anniversary and all it’s covers were displayed. Some of the ones from the 70s



and some recent ones.



We ended our trip to Cleveland with a stop at the home featured in the movie, A Christmas Story . “You’ll shoot your eye out.”



I think I spy a major award in the window.



This may have been our first visit to Cleveland, but it will not be our last! If you have never been to Cleveland put it on your list. You will thank me later.



Student’s Work

Joan recently finished her version of my “Bluebird of Happiness” pattern.  Good job, Joan!




Until next week …     .

More Carlisle, The Fabric Center and Vulture Update

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

The town of Carlisle has so many great restaurants. Here are some of my favorites. If you like Thai food, and we love it, Carlisle Thai Cuisine is the place to go.



If you want authentic Mexican, try Taqueria Laurita’s.




The Back Door Cafe has wonderful subs and salads.



And, Carlisle Bakery is a must stop for the finest baked treats.



Can’t go wrong with a cup of Joe and a sandwich at Denim Coffee. Thursday night is Open Mic Night.


The soups at Lili’s place are made each morning by Lili.


And, Ross Morris’s Northern Italian Cuisine is heavenly at Trattoria Piatto. Ask for a seat on the patio or porch.




Our favorite, Mark Bricker’s: Brick Kitchen & Bar, serves the best fish tacos in the world!! Think I’ll call now for a table.



In addition to the excellent restaurants, Carlisle has some fabulous shops…..







a little sweetness



and my favorite, non-quilting shop: Camellia’s.


The outside is welcoming



and the front entry way delightful.



I love her teas and her displays are so bright and cheery.



Of course, we have a quaint quilt shop: “The Fabric Center” . To find out about them, visit their Facebook page!




When I need a new green, and I love green, I know right where to find it.



The Fabric Center has a great staff of knowledgeable quilters,  a nice selection of fabric….



wonderful patterns and displays





and a large classroom (when class is in session more tables are set up) with some great instructors.


Took a few shots in our garden today.




The Cabbage White Butterflies and the bumble bees love the lavender.





Velma, the vulture, was at the door a few days ago, again, looking for Joe (he feeds all the birds).



He followed her out and she flew into the abandoned barn next door. Joe followed her in and  here is what she showed him. Her new baby which is quite large.

Think we will name him Val.



Marsha Bohling from Idaho shared this picture of her version of my Fiesta Mexico pattern.  Doesn’t it look great?  She won second place in the applique category at the “Fiesta Arizona” show in Northern Idaho.  Congratulations, Marsha and thanks so much for sharing.


Peggy Keirstead finished her Kansas Rose block from the class I taught in Garland, Texas last month.

Good Job, Peggy!

I love to see the finished project!


Until next week…….





Carlisle, PA, Vulture Update and Book Review

Monday, June 26th, 2017

I have never written about my wonderful home town of Carlisle, PA. I thought you might enjoy seeing this quaint little town.  It is a wonderful place to live.

In colonial times, Carlisle was the gateway to the west.


It is a very historical area…..


and its public square is grand with churches and courthouses.



We have a very nice public library.



One of the oldest fire houses in the United States dating back to the late 1700s can be found in Carlisle.




Check out its weather vane. Very cool.



We have Joe’s alma mater, The Dickinson School of Law, now a part of Penn State.


A fantastic college and campus.



The campus really is beautiful.  Every building has limestone on the exterior and I am told it all comes from the same quarry….even the newer buildings.







Carlisle is also home to the Carlisle Barracks and United States Army War College, where Colonels learn how to become Generals.  This military base has been in continuous operation since the 1750s.


Next week we will visit a few of the 25 restaurants and some of my favorite shops.





I just finished reading my second book by Heather Gudenkauf.  That means I liked the first book and guess what?……..  I liked the second book just as much if not more.  This book had me pulled in right from the beginning.  Good characters and good character development.  During a spring snow storm, a gunman walks into the local elementary school.   Officer Meg Barrett has a daughter who attends the school and knows many of the children and parents.  Another story line has Wil Thwaite waiting outside the school as his two grandchildren are inside.  He’s responsible for his grandchildren because his daughter is in the hospital after being severely burned.  And then there is Evelyn Oliver, the teacher who is trying to protect her students.  Good read.