Lake Arrowhead

Just returned from a relaxing and fun few days at Lake Arrowhead in California.   The temperature at 6,000 feet was a perfect 45 at night and 68 during the day. The mountains are so relaxing. Our friends have a great lake house and from their deck each morning, here is what we saw.




Our friends feed the birds and we would watch them as we had our morning tea and coffee. The Jays…….nice hairdo.





The hummingbirds (I think she is ready to lay some eggs).






And, the woodpeckers!



Think they needed a drink after all those peanuts.



We were driving down the road and spotted where the woodpeckers stored all their peanuts. Amazing.



On our morning walks, we saw some beautiful flowers…..






We drove into the canyon and hiked a few trails. Great rock formations.







On the drive back to the lake, we saw this golden eagle leading the way.



We returned home yesterday and most things were normal. Kitty Carlisle was her old self, “Oh, you’re back,” she yawned.



And Tillie made a new friend, yikes!



Until next week …     .



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