East Aurora and Kenmore New York, Niagara Falls, Students’ Work and Francis Senft

We just returned from a fantastic visit to East Aurora and Kenmore, New York where I spent time with three wonderful guilds.

Here are the ladies from the Morning Star Quilt Guild in East Aurora at my morning lecture.



The Southtowns Piecemakers Quilt Guild hosted the Saturday hand applique workshop.



And, here are some of the ladies from the Kenmore Quilters Guild during their machine applique class.



Pat was so excited she went home, finished her project and brought it in the next day. I love it when students share, but I think this was the quickest ever!!


Great job, Pat!!!


East Aurora is such a quaint town. It is the home of Fisher-Price Toys.


It is also the birthplace of the Arts and Crafts movement and the Roycroft Campus based on the ideals of John Ruskin and William Morris which was brought to life by the Sage of East Aurora,  Elbert Hubbard.






East Aurora has such a vibrant Main Street with great shops.



A small yet grand quilt shop where Susie, Linda and Samantha (call me Sammi) are eager to help guide you.


A classic movie theater



and the best 5 and dime ever : Vidlers.



Kenmore is a few minutes south of Niagara Falls. I could visit the Falls every week and would never tire of seeing their brute power. Horseshoe Falls



and the American Falls and Rainbow Bridge. Wonder how it got its name??





Karla Vernon had a lot of fun making and changing my Circles Squared pattern.  I love to see people think outside the box…..




I am home for the next two months and I plan on sewing almost every day. This is what I am thankful for.

Our dear friend Frank, who will turn 99 in January, could not make it out for Thanksgiving, so we took dinner to his home. For Frank still being with us, we are so very thankful. We love you, Frank!


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