Spring Arrives in Pennsylvania and Book Review

Made it home this past week to freezing temps. But, after a little rain, sun and temps up in the 50s, Spring finally arrived.


We were all so happy. Eve loves the long walks. Look at that smile


Kitty Carlisle loves to bask in the sun and smell the flowers.


Joe was able to head to the stream and visit a few of the friends he had caught and released in the fall. A nice rainbow trout.



And, a brownie.



While wading in the stream, Joe was about to step up onto the bank but was stopped by two squawking Canadian Geese. It startled him until he looked to his left.


Joe quietly moved away to allow the large birds to return to their work. My husband is no home wrecker!


We purchased a house plant last fall. During the past two weeks, it blossomed with two massive flowers.











Lucas Ray has been feeding some feral cats at an abandoned building.  While there, he finds a puppy living with the cats.  He takes Bella home.  Due to some animal codes, Bella is not allowed in the city of Denver…….pit bulls are not allowed in the city. Bella is taken to a foster place until Lucas and his mother can find an apartment out of the city.  While in foster care, Bella escapes with the intention of finding her way back to Lucas.  This book kept my interest from beginning to end.  I am a sucker for a good dog book.

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