A Beautiful Summer at Home and Book Review

I have heard from a couple of you who missed the weekly blog.  Some of you thought that either your computer was not working properly or I had health issues because I have never taken more than 2 weeks off from blog writing.  But, neither of those were the reason.  For the first time ever, I decided to take some time off from writing the blog because I spent 9 straight weeks at home in my studio and with my little Eve.  I honestly have not had that much down time from traveling to teach in many, many years.  But, I’m back on the road again and will be back posting blogs about my travels.



Eve, Joe and I took long walks and my little girl has come along so well. We are all so happy to be together.



Our resident vulture, Velma, stopped by one morning to show us her twins: Violet and Victoria. I think they are girls because they look like they have lip stick on. What color? Black, of course.




They adapted well to the back yard. Love their fuzzy little heads.



We had about 60 baby blue birds hatch this year.



This female cardinal had a broken tail feather but she is still doing fine.



Also, we had dozens of monarch butterflies in our garden.




Kitty Carlisle got her first ride ever in a car.  Kitty had some health issues and had to make some trips to the vet this summer.  Kitty is doing well now and we hope it stays that way.



She would rather just be hanging around in or out of her little house. Kitty loves her outdoor house.  She looks pretty comfortable to me.



Oh, yeah. I did finish a major project and several smaller ones for some new classes. I will share them in the near future.


We just returned from The Fall AQS Quiltweek Show in Paducah and I have loads of pictures to share with you next week. Until then ….




Thanks, Laura, for this recommendation…..The Pecan Man by Cassie Dandridge-Selleck.  The story starts in the summer of 1976 with Ora Lee Beckworth telling us a story about the Pecan Man.  Ora Lee hired the Pecan Man to help her with lawn work as she was recently widowed and had no children.  One of her neighbors comes to ask her not to allow this man in their neighborhood. He is homeless and black.  The police chief’s son is murdered and Eddie, the Pecan man, is arrested.  Twenty some years later, Ora Lee is telling her story to set the record straight.

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