I am so glad you have stopped by my web site. I would love for you to browse around, look at some of my quilts and see the workshops and lectures I have to offer. My husband, Joe, says I am so passionate about my quilting and he is correct. I love to quilt. I am also passionate about teaching. I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

I consider myself very lucky that my quilts have won awards and have been shown on the covers of magazines, including Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. I recently read a wonderful quote from Oprah. "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn't been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn't have been lucky." So even though I have been very lucky along my journey some if it is because I have worked very hard to improve with each and every quilt I make.

I hope you enjoy your journey looking through my web site and will feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.



I Am So Happy To Introduce My Newest Product

Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Pins

Go to the "store" and you'll find more information about the pins in the "Pins and Needles" drop down.


Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors™ 6".  Many of you have requested a medium size of the Perfect Scissors™ and we now have them. 


We are very happy and thankful that our Perfect Scissors™ have been so well received.  This new pair has all the benefits you have come to appreciate with all of our scissors.  They are easy to use whether you are right or left-handed.  The micro serrated blade helps to keep the fabric from fraying.  And they come with a protective plastic cover.  You can find out more about the scissors by watching the clip at the lower part of this page and by going to the "store" section on the site under "Scissors". 


Something else I am very happy to share with you is my new DVD: Karen Kay Buckley's Border Design Workshop.  

The DVD includes information on all of the supplies needed to design your borders, lots and lots of border ideas, different types of borders including piecing and applique, measuring to ensure a flat quilt, applique borders to fit your quilt, binding options and more. Click the Play arrow to view the video on my new DVD.




Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Thread Bags.  I love this thread bag because it keeps me so well organized.  This fabric bag will hold many different brands of threads. I use it to hold all of my hand applique threads.  All the bags are designed the same on the inside but when you go to the "thread bag" section in the "store" you will be able to select a fabric for the exterior of the bag. 


"Perfect Scissors™ Connector Protector" 

They are available for the 4" Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors.  My friend Erin and I have been working on this idea for about a year and finally came up with a great solution.  Erin has designed a protector/fob that is functional and attractive.

One end of the chain has the protective cover attached to it and the other end has a clasp, like on a necklace, to wrap around the handle and attach to the charm.  When you remove the protective cover it will hang from the handle just like a fob.  This way you can never lose your protective cover.

There are three designs from which to choose.

In the store section under "Scissors" you will find more information about my

Perfect Scissors™ Protector Connectors.



The pattern package is gorgeous.  My graphic designer, Josh, did an amazing job with the 20 page booklet and the full sized patterns which are included in this packaage.  This quilt would look wonderful as is or any block in this project could stand alone as a wall quilt.  You can find out more on the store page. 


Micro-serrated scissors. Karen Kay  Buckley's Perfect Scissors™

For the past 3 years I have been working on  designing new and improved  micro-serrated scissors. 
They  have finally arrived.  Check the  "scissors" section in the  "Store" drop-down. 

  Hand and Machine Appliqué The Karen Kay Buckley Way (DVD)

In this DVD I discuss all the supplies you’ll need, making templates, the appliqué stitch, inner and outer points, smooth curves, Perfect Circles, several methods to make stems, reverse appliqué and squaring the blocks.   It really covers everything you'll need to know to have beautiful hand and machine appliqué.  If you like appliqué you'll want this DVD.  The close-up shots of the stitching are simply amazing.   I do not hold back on anything.  I tell you everything I know to help make your appliqué the best it can be.

The Appliqué Society says:
"All information on this DVD is presented in a clear easy to understand manner with excellent film work. It was a pleasure to get a peek at some of Karen’s many quilts used in the background as she moves from segment to segment."
Read more reviews!


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