I am so glad you have stopped by my web site. I would love for you to browse around, look at some of my quilts and see the workshops and lectures I have to offer. My husband, Joe, says I am so passionate about my quilting and he is correct. I love to quilt. I am also passionate about teaching. I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

I consider myself very lucky that my quilts have won awards and have been shown on the covers of magazines, including Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. I recently read a wonderful quote from Oprah. "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn't been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn't have been lucky." So even though I have been very lucky along my journey some if it is because I have worked very hard to improve with each and every quilt I make.

I hope you enjoy your journey looking through my web site and will feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.


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Check out my new patterns.  

 I love these new patterns.

The booklet enclosed with each pattern contains directions for both

hand and machine applique, lots of great tips as well as a full sized pattern.

 Bluebird of Happiness

The name says it all.....this pattern just makes me happy.  

Finished size is 20" x 20" including the black border. 

Retail price is $14.95. 


Flowering Heart 

I had so much fun designing and sewing Bluebird of Happiness that

I decided to create a large heart shape.  I love the results.

The finished size is 30" x 24"

Retail price is $14.95. 


This ingenious ruler is four rulers in one package.  The five piece ruler easily snaps together to form a 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch or 24 inch length depending on your needs.  It has clear and accurate grid markings along with 30, 45 and 60 degree markings.  This ruler will become your perfect travel campion as it stores easily in a handy felt bag.  It is great when you are at home or on the go. 



 6" Perfect Adjustable Ruler™ above

3" Perfect Adjustable Ruler™ above


You'll find these in the "Store" section under "Rulers" at www.karenkaybuckley.com




are finally here.  When the original pins came out I was trying to have a shorter version made but my manufacturer said they could not do it.  Sometimes it pays to revisit the question and beg a little!


This shorter version has all of the same characteristics of the original Perfect Pins but are 1" in length.  The orginals are 1 1/2" in length. 



Perfect Adjustable Square™

I have been working on an idea for a couple of years.  One of my most feared steps, related to applique, is when I have to square the block after I have finished my applique.  I, like many other appliquers, prefer to cut our background fabric larger and then square the block to size when the applique is complete.  The reason I have always hesitated at this step is....what if I do it incorrrectly and have to make the block over again?

With the Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Adjustable Square™ the fear is removed. 

In your beautiful decorative storage box you receive: 4 corner units, 4 one inch, 4 two inch, 4 four inch and four eight inch pieces.  20 pieces in all.  These pieces snap together similar to a puzzle piece.  It will allow you to build a square from 4", the inside of the square is in whole numbers, and up to a 24 1/2" square, the outside is in 1/2" increments.  You can easily use your rotary cutter along the outside of the Perfect Adjustable Square™. Also, included in the box is the Perfect Adapter(TM).

The recommended retail price is $74.95. 



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Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Thread Bags™.  I love this thread bag because it keeps me so well organized.  This fabric bag will hold many different brands of threads. I use it to hold all of my hand applique threads.  All the bags are designed the same on the inside but when you go to the "thread bag" section in the "store" you will be able to select a fabric for the exterior of the bag. 


Micro-serrated scissors. Karen Kay  Buckley's Perfect Scissors™


  Hand and Machine Appliqué The Karen Kay Buckley Way (DVD)

In this DVD I discuss all the supplies you’ll need, making templates, the appliqué stitch, inner and outer points, smooth curves, Perfect Circles, several methods to make stems, reverse appliqué and squaring the blocks.   It really covers everything you'll need to know to have beautiful hand and machine appliqué.  If you like appliqué you'll want this DVD.  The close-up shots of the stitching are simply amazing.   I do not hold back on anything.  I tell you everything I know to help make your appliqué the best it can be.

The Appliqué Society says:
"All information on this DVD is presented in a clear easy to understand manner with excellent film work. It was a pleasure to get a peek at some of Karen’s many quilts used in the background as she moves from segment to segment."
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