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I have good news and bad news for those of you who are collecting 60/2 Mettler threads for your hand applique.  (By the way, I love this thread.)  The good news.....Mettler has added many new colors!!!!  Yippeeee!!!!  I think this is very exciting.  More colors make me happy.  However, they discontinued some colors, changed the dye on some previous colors and changed their numbering system. That means we've had to revamp our thread packs that we sell on the site. 

Thread packs 25 to 40 are all new. 

Click on page 2, at the bottom of this page, to see packs 28 to 40.

Visit "Thread Bags" in the "Store" for options on purchasing a Perfect Thread Bag filled with Mettler 60/2 threads.