More From Texas, Students Work and Book Review

October 31st, 2016

I missed a photo that I intended to share in my previous blog.  This was taken on our early morning walk across the river from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.



We left Waco and headed to Fredericksburg in the Hill country to teach and lecture for the Vereins Quilt Guild.  To find out more about the guild go to



What a great town with some fantastic shops and restaurants.  As we were driving around, we saw a field with thousands of butterflies. We, of course, stopped for a few photos.





We headed to Kerrville and the Hill Country Quilt Guild. Sue, my contact, was a blessing. What a great guild. Here are some of the ladies busy in class.



The Kerrville area  is another great place for restaurants. And, maybe, one of the nicest quilt shops in the world!



When I die, I want to go to Creations. The shop and the quilting retreat next door are amazing. Their displays, products, fabric selection and employees are simply the BEST.






I think some of the greatest quilt shops are in Texas!


We were driving down a dirt road, yes, Joe does loves to explore and came upon some longhorns.



What magnificent animals.


New York may be for Lovers, or is it Virginia??? Not sure,  but Texas is for Quilters and I’ll be headed to Houston tomorrow for another week in the Lone Star State. Yippee!!!


Students’ Work

Karen Ishii from the Faithful Circles Quilt Guild in Downers Grove, IL sent me these pictures.  After taking my Fiesta Mexico-Block Three workshop, Karen finished her block and then adapted Block Eleven from the Fiesta Mexico pattern, as well.  Way to go Karen.  I love it when students share photos.





Great job Karen!



On audio, I recently finished Daniel Silva’s book “The English Girl”.  This is book #13 in the Gabriel Allon series.  I don’t think you have to read the previous books to enjoy this one.  Allon, a former Massad agent, is enlisted by MI6 to find a missing British girl. The girl is the Prime Minister’s mistress.  Allon has an interesting background as an art restorer and a spy.  He convinces an old friend/enemy to assist him in finding the young lady and also bring justice to an ever changing series of twists and turns.  Love Daniel Silva’s writing style and his ability to keep you guessing until the very end.

Until next week…..

Bryan/College Station and Waco, Texas and Book Review

October 25th, 2016

Just returned from a trip to Texas. Howdy!! I love Texas and Texans. They may be the friendliest people on earth. Our first stop was Bryan/College Station, home to Texas A&M. What a wonderful campus. Here is a photo taken on our morning walk.



I was the guest of the Brazos Bluebonnet Quilt Guild. Here are some of the ladies hard at work during our class.




Texas A&M University is the site of The George W. Bush presidential library.



The library had a special exhibit of Barbara Bush’s wedding photo and gown.



Here is a close-up: simple, yet, oh-so elegant.




Bryan/College Station is also home to Lone Star Quiltworks quilt shop.  We had a nice visit with the owner, Terry Skrabanek.  You can find out more about the shop



Terry has built a fantastic shop, with such exquisite fabrics, great classes including every thread and notion imaginable.







We, then, headed to Waco…. just for a visit. I watch waaaaaay too much HGTV so I had to visit Chip and Joanna’s new Magnolia shop and Silos.  Below are some photos in and around Magnolia.












While I was teaching, Joe said he was upset about the Russians hacking our systems. So, he placed a call to Putin.


I think we should all vote for Joe for president. His motto is “Make America Quilt More”




This cookbook has beautiful photography.  Just looking at the photos would have been enough for me.  But, there is so much more.  There are 47 different vegetables spotlighted.  For each one, there is a beautiful photo and then some general information about that vegetable.  On the following pages, there is more detailed information, like how to store it and how long it can be stored, grilling it, roasting it, steaming it…..nutritional information and then several recipes.  I have three friends who are all very, very good cooks. They taught me to not just purchase the cookbook but to read it from cover to cover, high-lighting recipes that you want to try.  I high-lighted lots of recipes in this cookbook.

More from Millington and Frankenmuth, MI and Book Review

October 10th, 2016

What I really liked about Millington, Michigan, other than all my new quilt friends, was how warm and welcoming the community was. Even the town’s water tower is smiling.




Here are some of the Millington Quilt Guild members taking a break from our day-long Ocean Sunrise class. Thanks again: Cindy, Carole, Doris B, Jan S, Karen, Jan H, Julie, Cheryl, Jean, Julie, Doris S, Maggie … and Jeananne (taking the photo).



As usual, while we were working on our project, Joe was out doing his favorite thing: eating. The local restaurant had fantastic cinnamon rolls. This was the regular size:



Our friend, Frank, loves cinnamon rolls. So, we got him the large size:


We gave it to him last Saturday and he says he hopes to finish it by Thanksgiving! Wow.


There are some things that I enjoy so much about traveling. Like visiting quaint shops and businesses. The Zeilinger Wool Company in Frankenmuth is one such place. Begun in 1910, the company processes wool and other animal fibers for local and national ranchers. They handle wool from a multitude of sheep, llamas and alpacas. The wool arrives on their docks in bags:


It is then washed….




Dyed, bleached or left natural.




Then, milled and rolled by equipment manufactured in 1910.



Check out the original leather belts used to run these great “mature” machines.



The finished product is bagged and returned to the owners. How wonderful.




During some of our recent car trips, we’ve been listening to some audio books.  We just finished “The Last Mile” by David Baldacci.


I am a fan of David Baldacci.  The beginning of this book had me so hooked I could not wait to hear where the story was going.  This is the second in the series with lead character Amos Decker.  Melvin Mars is on death row for killing his parents.  At the very last minute, he is granted a stay.  Seriously….I was hooked after reading that first part of the book.  Amos Decker was recently hired to work with the FBI on a special task force.  The death of Mars’ parents has some similarities to the death of Decker’s family.


Until next week……

Frankenmuth – Millington Quilters Guild

October 2nd, 2016

Joe and I just returned from one of our most amazing visits with a quilt guild: The Millington Quilters Guild.  The group is in East Central Michigan and they are Wonderful!!!

Here are the members and their guests at the luncheon (all 250 of them). Fabulous!




I was the guest speaker for their annual invitational luncheon held at the famous Zehnder’s Restaurant in Frankenmuth.



Winner, winner, chicken dinner!



The restaurant and grounds were beautiful…




The village of Frankenmuth looks like someone traveled to Bavaria and transported an entire German town to Michigan. Here is what were saw:







Wonderful sights, warm and happy people, fantastic food and a week we will never forget.





We got home and were greeted by our puppies: Tillie, who just turned 16 and Sasha 17 1/2.They were ready for some Sunday football!



Until next week.


Rockville Centre/Freeport, Long Island, NY and Book Review

September 25th, 2016

I love Long Island, New York…especially in the fall. This past week, I was so happy to return and spend three days with the Long Island Quilter’s Society. To learn more about the guild and their programs visit

Here are some of the happy members just before my lecture….


and then at a workshop.




Joyce Fischer stopped by to share her finished Kansas Rose project. I love, love, love the fabric choices. Joyce added a little, covered cording before her binding for some added fun.  Well done Joyce!



Many of the communities on Long Island have fabulous community centers.  The lecture and workshops were held in some of these community centers.  The Freeport Community Center had a great mural of some of its famous residents.





Jones Beach, located close by, is beautiful.  I am certain it is packed during the summer months.



There are large, beautifully designed and constructed bathhouses every mile.





Also, in the fall, the State of New York hires a bunch of Canadians to man the beach parking lot toll booths.


Many of you may remember my stories of Margaret and Frank Senft, the older couple who always helped keep all my class packets in order. As you may know, Margaret passed away at age 91 in 2015. Frank, now 97, is still going strong. Frank’s church will be honoring veterans for their service this November and asked for info on Frank. Frank was an original Boggie-Woogie Bugle Boy during World War Two, serving in the Army’s Concert Band. I had to share this great photo. Thank you, Frank, for your service.







Bullseye is James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’s newest thriller and the latest entry in the Michael Bennett series. I like his character development and want to read more about the Bennett household. Bennett is a detective with the NYPD and helps foil an assassination attempt on the President. Bennett won’t stop until he can find the assassin but fails to see some strange happenings at home with his son.


I am off to Michigan Tuesday.  Until next week…..






Westminster, MD and Williamsport, PA

September 17th, 2016

This past week I lectured in Westminster, MD to the Everybody’s Quilt Guild.  Here we are right before the start of the lecture.



I’m going back in November to teach a workshop.  See you later ladies….

Then I went to the Williamsport, PA area to lecture and do a workshop for the Susquehanna Valley Quilt Guild. What a wonderful group of quilters. Learn more about them by visiting

Here are some of their happy faces during the applique workshop.


The guild meets at a church in the colonial town of Pennsdale, PA directly across the street from the Country Store/Post Office.






I loved the Church’s sign!



Here are just a few more of the many wonderful buildings and barns in the town.



The Quaker Meeting House was built in 1779.






It’s ancient, walled cemetery has many veterans interred there, including a revolutionary soldier.





As usual, while I was teaching, Joe was tasting the culinary delights of nearby Montoursville.





We were home for one day and headed back to Maryland: Gaithersburg to lecture for the Friendship Star Guild and on to Catonsville/Ellicott City for the Village Quilters Guild.

I enjoyed my time with both of these guilds. I have been their guest on  previous occasions. Always love to be asked back. I was so busy I forgot to take photos while at these guilds.

At Friendship Star Guild, I arrived a bit early so I could visit and spend the early evening before my lecture with some friends from the guild chatting and sharing stories. To learn more about this great guild visit

If you live closer to Baltimore and Catonsville, you must join the fabulously talented and sharing ladies of the Village Quilters.

Two members of the Village Quilters guild shared their finished “Garden Medley” projects.  These were started when I visited the guild a couple of years ago.  Great Job ladies!!

Barbara Austin



and Cindy McIntyre



Well done.

We returned home Thursday night and Saturday afternoon I am heading out to Long Island, NY.

Until next week….

Normal/Bloomington, Illinois

September 6th, 2016

I just returned from a delightful visit to teach for the Hands All Around Quilt Guild of Central, Illinois. Jenny, Linda and Debi were the program chairwomen and they were simply the best! To learn more about the guild and a great line up of programs visit

Here are the ladies waiting for my lecture….



Blog 1

The guild is fortunate to have the minister’s wife of the Normal Mennonite Church among its members. The Church and all its staff are wonderful. The striking thing from my perspective were the many large quilt blocks adorning the walls of the church.

Blog 4

Blog 5


Blog 6

After asking about the blocks, which were approximately 32 inches square, I learned that Susan Schrag and her husband, Pastor Tim Schrag, collaborated on the blocks. She would make a block and her husband would deliver a sermon on that topic. Amazing! Here are some close ups of a few blocks:


Blog 7


Blog 7a


Blog 7d


Blog 7c


Blog 7e

There were 17 blocks in all and I am certain Susan and Pastor Tim are working on a new block/sermon.

While I was teaching, the guild members were diligently working.


Blog 3


Joe was out touring Bloomington and chatting with new friends: Four score and seven quilts ago….


Blog 8

The Normal/Bloomington Illinois area is home to two universities (Illinois State and Illinois Wesleyan) and also boasts ten art galleries. Our favorite gallery is located at 300 East Grove Street in Bloomington. It is in a converted Studebaker car dealership with public displays on the first floor and individual artist studios on the second level. Represented in the gallery were the paintings of Ken Holder, the glass art of Michael Amis and  the sculpted furniture of Amanda Pierce and Melanie Hunter. Awesome!! If you are in the area it is a must visit.


Blog 9


Arrived home late last evening and awoke this morning to the tapping at my back door.


Blog 9a

Yikes!!! The babies are now full grown! And, no you may not come in!!  The vultures have never come this close to the back door before this summer.  As soon as they see us move inside the house, they move out into the yard.


Visit to The Quilt Show Set and Book Review

August 26th, 2016

Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson host an online show called, “The Quilt Show”.  They’ve been doing it for a pretty long time.  For years, they have been asking me to be a guest. My schedule was either booked for the dates they requested or as some of you know…….I always take the month of August off from traveling to work on my own quilts….either sewing, designing, working on some new patterns, etc.  And, August is one of the months they tape for the show.  Well, since my time off started a little earlier than normal this year, 3rd week in July, I told Alex I would agree to give up three days to come tape a piece for their show.  It was fun.  Here are some photos from the day of the shoot.

Alex’s husband, John, entertains the live audience while things are getting set-up for each segment.


It’s a big production set.


Ricky, Alex and Justin discussing things for the next set.



After my quilts were hung, the audience was allowed to walk around the set and take some photos.


And a quick photo of Alex, me and Ricky after the shoot was finished.  Alex and Ricky shot two shows per day and I was the last shot at the end of six full days.  I think they must have been exhausted.


When I get an air time for the show, I’ll let you know.



On the flight to and from Denver, I read Harlan Coben’s newest book “Fool Me Once”.


No kidding, I was on the edge of my seat while on the plane reading this book.  When the drink cart came by and they reached in front of me I almost jumped out of my seat because I was so engrossed in this book.  Good thing I had my seat belt buckled!!!!

Main character, Maya, served in the military as a special ops pilot.  She has some issues from all she saw while in the military.  While Maya was shipped out her sister was killed.  When she got home her husband was killed.  Maya has some investigating to do.  This book took some great turns that I never saw coming.  If you read my blog you know I am a Harlan Coben fan and this book did not let me down.  Highly recommended.

Until next week……

Joe in Alaska and Quilt Shop

August 13th, 2016

The Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Every few years Joe and his fishing buddies head north to Alaska to fish for salmon and my favorite…..halibut.

He always returns with some great photos. Here are just a few.




Mountain goats


Blog 1

I can not believe that even the little ones can jump across the rock face. What an awesome photo….in mid-air.  He had a perfect 10 landing.


Blog 2

As their boat rounded a corner the guys notice several black spots on the shore and as the got a little closer they saw a group of black bears playing


Blog 6

Whale spout.

Blog 4

A bit of the whale.

Blog 5

They came upon this group of a dozen sea otters.  How cool is that?


Blog 8

Some of the moms had their kids on board


Blog 8a

And then the fish. Here is Joe with a Coho or silver salmon


Blog 11a

I always ask Joe and his buddy Harry to bring more halibut.


Blog 11c

This year they did. Joe and Harry have been fishing together for 30 years.  These fish weighed in at about 110 pounds.  Holy cow!


Blog 11d


This is a yellow eye rock fish and is over 100 years old. Its meat is one of the most sought after of all Alaskan fish.

Blog 11b

As Joe was driving through Cooper’s Landing, Alaska, Harry exclaimed “Just passed a quilt shop.” Joe made a U turn and visited: Bearly Threaded Quilting


Blog 9

The shop was quaint and contained a large amount of fabric.  Joe said Jan Mitchell, employee, was charming, knowledge and very friendly.  So we can all go to Alaska to quilt shop and fish.


Blog 9b

Bye until next week


Blog 8b

Quilt Odyssey and Student’s Work

July 28th, 2016

I attended Quilt Odyssey in Hershey this past week.  I was so excited when I entered the lobby of the convention center to find the Brandywine Valley Quilters had made their version of my Majestic Mosaic quilt for their 2016 raffle quilt.  It is impressive.  This is a ton of work for a raffle quilt.  They had asked for my permission to use my pattern and I said yes but I had not yet seen the quilt.

blog 1

I hope they sell a truck load of tickets because that was a lot of work.


blog 2

Once in the show there were lots of great quilts.  Here are just a few.  I liked this miniature quilt by Masnobu Miyama from Japan.  The name of the quilt is “Focus”.  I wish you could see this up close.  It has lots of detailed thread work.

blog 3


And then “Consider the Lilies” by Audra Rasnake from Virginia won ‘Best Hand Quilting”.

blog 4

Check out this quilting.  I’ve attended Quilt Odyssey many times and I am always impressed with the amount of hand quilted quilts.

blog 5


“Joy Aviatrix” was made by Ellen Simmons and quilted by Jan Hauprich.

blog 6


Check out the machine quilting.

blog 7


And Claudia Pfiel from Germany won Best of Show for “Waven Journey”.

blog 8


Again, it’s about the quilting.  The letters are created by quilting heavily around the lettered areas.   Very interesting concept.

blog 9



blog 10



“Weather the Storm” by Elizabeth Bauman was a very interesting quilt also.  I liked how she combined the Ocean Waves design in the background with the compass at the top and the wave design at the bottom.

blog 11



blog 12

Dana Mason sent me this photo.  She took my Fiesta Mexico-Block Three workshop.  I love the way Dana’s pillow turned out.  Thanks for sharing Dana.



Until next week…..