Carlisle Ice Sculpture Festival, More Thailand and Book Review

This past weekend, the town of Carlisle had 74 ice sculptures placed throughout the town. It was great to see them with all of the people walking, shopping and enjoying the day. They were created by a company in Hatboro, PA. Here are a few of the many.


Darth Vader, presented by Sterling Realty Management, in front of one of it’s rental properties.



The Carlisle Chamber of Commerce displayed shaking hands.



Carlisle’s Finest Brewery, Molly Pitcher Brewing Co. (for non-historians, Molly “Pitcher” was a water bearer in the battle of Mammoth, NJ during the Revolutionary War. When her husband was injured, Molly took up his position and acted as the ramrod for the his canon. After the war, she moved to Carlisle and in 1791 while then President Washington visited Carlisle, he honored her.  The Brewery’s IPAs are great! (That’s coming from Joe as I am not a beer drinker.)




Great sculpture outside a local gallery,



Dia del Muertas “Day of the Dead” sculpture outside the Mexican Restaurant.




The Bosler library had it’s own ice-cold book.



But, because Joe had recently visited his brother, this was our favorite. It was outside one of our favorite restaurants.



Signs you only see in Thailand….





Just a few more of my favorite photos from Joe’s Trip!


A local man up early and hoping to get something good for dinner.



A monument to King Rama V who was tutored by Anna, from the “King and I”





A Close up of this magnificent bush



“See you next year, Joe. We’ll just hang out until you return!”






Ron Rash is a new author to me.  The book was recommended by an online reading group.  The story follows two brothers, Bill and Eugene, from their teen years in 1969.  Their lives were forever changed by some events during that summer.  Ligeia comes to their small town in North Carolina.  She’s from Daytona, Florida.  She’s a free spirit.  She’s been banished to this little town to live with her relatives because her parents were having a hard time controlling her.  After the events of this summer, each brother took very different paths.  Very good read.


Until next week………..

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