I’m Back, Joe’s Trip to Thailand and Book Review

I am so, so happy. For the past seven weeks, since my last blog, I have been working on a new project and spending hours in the studio sewing. Also, I have been taking long walks with my new rescue dog, Eve, and bonding with Sweet Eve. She is getting better every day and even starting to play. She had a ruff first two years of her life.  But it will be ruff no more.  We plan to spoil her rotten.



Guess what? Eve’s favorite color is green, mine too!


I love her.


While Eve and I were bonding, Joe traveled to Thailand to visit his brother and nephew. They said the 3 Bees (the Buckley Boys) were having a reunion. Here is the first photo he sent home, three bees in a lotus flower. How fitting.



Here are some of Joe’s photos from his trip. Just say Ahhhh!!



Something you didn’t think you would see walking down the beach……………..



But, maybe on a side street where you can stop and feed them.




Something you might not expect to see while riding down a back road.



Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys! I am diggin’ the Mohawk.



A young female getting ready for a date, make-up not required.



A young mother and baby.





Smile for the camera!



The boys hiked to some secluded waterfalls and took a dip in the cool pool.



They found some very neat lizards, in Thai called “Na Kong” or river dragons.






They witnessed the migration of thousands of fish running up stream to spawn.




And, visited some beautiful Watts (Buddhist Temples).



They are so colorful and intricately designed.






Here’s what it looked like in Carlisle, PA as Carlisle Carla, our resident groundhog saw her shadow………. again. I hate her because based on her prediction we are in for another 6 weeks of winter.  Not diggin’ the groundhog.




This coming week, I am headed back out on the road. First stop – Las Cruces, New Mexico. Can’t wait to visit the warmth of Las Cruces, eat some great Mexican food and meet some wonderful quilters!






I just finished listening to this book.  I am going to give it five stars.  Good reader and good book.  It is based on a true story of a young Italian teenager,  Pino Lella, who just wants to be a kid and fall in love……but, it’s during the 1940’s and the war is just beginning.  Pino ends up leading refugees over the mountains to safety.  His parents call him home and make him enlist, thinking it’s better to enlist and have a choice of where you will go. If he is drafted, Pino could end up on the front lines.  Pino ends up being a driver for a General.  I would highly recommend this book.


Until next week, I promise, …       .

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