Toronto and Book Review

This past week, we visited Toronto. What a wonderful city. Great people, great food and great Quilters.


I gave a lecture and three workshops for the York Heritage Quilters Guild.  You can find out more about the guild at


Here are some of the ladies in the machine applique class.



And others in one of the hand applique workshops.



The classes and lecture were held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. What a super location.



These photos are some of the wonderful things I saw while walking around the grounds.







A guild member, Janice, asked if I had driven across the street to some of Toronto’s Big Houses.  So, we drove over after one class and these homes were more than just big, they were huuuuge!





Check out this interesting stone structure in the round driveway.


On our drive each day from our hotel to the Botanical Gardens, we passed the Aga Kahn Museum. They had a wonderful display of rugs and textiles dating back a century.








This was a very good read.  I never lost interest.  There were many things that I never saw coming and I like it when that happens.  I had a strong dislike for many of the characters in this book which makes Emily Gunnis a great writer.  I would give this book 5 stars.

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