Autumn in Pennsylvania and Book Review

Fall has arrived in Carlisle and it means cool, windy days and wonderful sleeping weather. Even the sheep have to wear coats. “Ba, Ba black sheep have you any wool….”



We took a ride around Carlisle and some of the things you are bound to see are:

Corn stocks,



colorful leaves,




Bucks out looking for Jane Doe,



and Tom turkeys calling for hens.



Is he over there or is he over here??



Joe thinks the fall is the best time to fish. Looks like a bowl of Trix to me.



He says the fish are as colorful as the scenery.






Another great read.  I really enjoyed listening to this book while I was cleaning my studio.  I think the book was about 12 hours long and yes, I was cleaning that whole time.  Not fun, but necessary…… Joe was out fishing.

The book follows the story of a female spy, Eve Gardner, during WWII in France.  The other main character was a young girl, a socialite, searching for her cousin in 1947.  Loved the characters, story line and the reader.  Highly recommend.  5 stars.

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