Birds of Mexico and Book Review

Joe and I took a week off and traveled with some friends to Nueva Vallerta, Mexico. Ah!!! Sunrise over the mountains.

And it is the holidays, so we had to have a Christmas Tree, Mexican style.

A close up of the hundreds of colorful baskets used to create this festive work of art.

We love taking photos of the birds, animals and flowers. Here are some of my favorite bird photos from this trip.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I just saved you from reading 16,000 words.

We returned home and Kitty Carlisle had already started decorating her Cat House for the holidays.

And my sweet Eve was so happy to see me. I love this puppy and she is glad we are all home for the holidays.

Book Review

Oh, I’m on a roll. Another good read. It has been ages since I read a John Hart book and I had forgotten just how much I liked his books. It grabbed me right from the start. Police officer released from prison. Within hours a young boy pulls a gun on him to avenge his mother’s death. And I never saw the ending coming. OK, I had an inkling but I thought…no way.

Where ever you may find yourself this holiday season, Joe, Eve and I wish you the very best with hopes the New Year brings you joy, peace and happiness.

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