More From International Quilt Festival and Student’s Work

November 20th, 2015

“Disappearing Bees” was made by Christine Alexiou from Canada.  She won third place in the “Embellished” category.  To see more of Christine’s work visit

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In the “Traditional Applique” category, Barbara Korengold from Maryland won first place for “Ben’s Midnight Garden”.

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Andrea Perejda from California won 2nd place for “Arroyo Grande Album”.  For more information on Andrea, go to her website

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Beth Nufer and Clem Buzik from Oregon won 2nd place for “Barbara’s Circle”.

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I visited the Chambersburg Quilt Guild this past weekend.  It’s great to be invited back to a guild and for it to be so close to home.  One of the guild members, Kathi Stoner, brought along her version of my Majestic Mosaic pattern.  Kathi took the class from me in July at Quilt Odyssey.  Thanks for sharing Kathi.  Looks good.  Kathi did some fun fussy cutting of her fabrics for her little circles.  Time well spent.

Kathi Stoner

Until next week…..

More From Houston and Student’s Work

November 13th, 2015

I love the Houston Quilt Festival and all of the quilt exhibits. One of my favorite pieces this year was made by Peter Haywood. He is a quilter from the UK now residing in Javea, Alicaste, Spain. Peter’s quilt entitled “White Holes” won the Koala Studios Master Award for Innovative Artistry. When I first saw it, it took my breath away.


Blog 12

Here is a close up

Blog 13

I thought the quilt was pieced, at first. But, on closer inspection and speaking with Peter, I learned it was interwoven strips of interlining covered with fused pieces of fabric. The piece was inspired by the art of Victor Vasarely and is AMAZING!!

Janet Stone of Overland Park, Kansas, who won Best of Show, also won First Place in the Merit Quilting Machine for her quilt “No L”

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Blog 16

Blog 18



“Ad Libbing”,  a wonderful modern quilt, was created when Lora and Linda made blocks. Lora Douglas then pieced the top and Linda Hungerford quilted it. They are from The Villages in Florida.

Blog 19a


Great quilting!

Blog 21


The following Modern Quilt entitled “Pixels”, was pieced and quilted by Ashley Nickels, daughter of Sue Nickels.

Blog 30

I love greens and Ashley’s color choices were fabulous.

Nancy Rehab of Ward, Co received a second place in the Merit Quilting Machine for this exquisite piece, “Tea for Two”.

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Blog 24

“Long Winter Flower Basket Sampler” by Eileen Daniels of Brodhead, WI was awarded First Place – Embellished.  To find out more about Eileen, visit her website

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“Little Pumpkin” by Maria Elkins of Beaver Creek, OH just makes me smile. Her quilt won third place in the Art Miniature category.  To find out more about Maria visit

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Another quilter whose work always brings a smile to my face is Laura Wasilowski from Elgin, IL.  Laura’s piece, “Bird on a Branch # 6”, won second place in Art Miniature.  For more information about Laura’s quilts visit

Blog 29


Student’s Work

Karla Zadnik took my “Kansas Rose”, machine applique, workshop this past week while I was teaching for Quilt Trends in Columbus, Ohio.  Nice job Karla.  Fun fabric choices.



Until next week…..

International Quilt Association Show in Houston and Book Review

November 4th, 2015

Joe and I just returned from Quilt Festival in Houston.  As always, the quilts were incredible!

Janet Stone won Best of Show.  At the awards ceremony when they announced her name I immediately said “It’s about time.  I love her quilts and her workmanship is impeccable.”  Here is Janet standing beside her lovely quilt.

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“Brilliant Rose” made by Junko Fujiwara from Japan won the Founder’s Award.  Impressive.

blog 2



Here are some close-up shots.

blog 3



blog 4



“Eager to Learn-Afghanistan” was made by Gillian Shearer from Australia.  She was also one of the big prize winners.  She won the World of Beauty Award.

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The Robert Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artistry went to Ayako Kawakami from Japan for her quilt entitled “My Sweet House with Kiara”.

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Melissa Sobotka from Richardson, Texas won the Gammil Master Award for Contemporary Artistry.  I got to talk to  Melissa on the opening night of the show and she explained how she worked from a photograph she had taken of these old wooden spools.

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blog 10

More from Houston in upcoming blogs….



On the plane ride home from Houston I finished reading “After You” by Jojo Moyes.

25020381This is a sequel to her book “Me Before You”.  Apparently a lot of us wanted to know what happened to Louisa Clark after losing the love of her life.  Louisa is certainly in a transition phase of her life.  She then has a terrible accident and ends up back home with her family while rehabbing.  Some very interesting people come into her life.  The book kept my interest and I look forward to Jojo Moyes’ next book involving this character because again, I need to know more.

Savannah and Book Review

October 23rd, 2015

After spending a few days on Hilton Head, we headed south to Savannah and Richmond Hills. I was the guest of the Savannah Quilt Guild.  What a great group of quilters.

Here are some of the ladies attending the workshop.

Blog S4

While we were busy working, guess who found The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival about a mile up the road?


Blog S5


Blog S8

I see steamed oysters, peach cobbler, calamari, fried alligator, crayfish, smoked sausage and a pulled pork sandwich. Where does he put it all?? (He said he also had coconut ship and a dozen fresh oysters, but that was the appetizer. ) Joe’s buddy Harry suggested Joe start his own blog called “Blogs for Hogs”.  I’m still laughing about that idea.

Blog S6

On Sunday we went to old town Savannah and took the historic trolley ride. The two hours spent riding through the squares, hearing the history and being entertained by historical characters was well worth the price. Afterwards we strolled through the area and here are some of the wonderful door ways we saw.

Blog S9



Blog S10



Blog S11



Blog S14



Blog S12



Blog S13


and the grand fountain

Blog S15

In the evening we drove to Tybee Island

Blog S7


for a magnificent sunset

Blog S1

I am so lucky to visit such beautiful areas, each special in their own way.



18007564“The Martian” by Andy Weir came highly recommended by several students.

Mark Watney was one of the first people to walk on Mars.  While on Mars he and his crew encounter a massive dust storm.  His crew thinks he is dead and have left Mars.  But, he is not dead.  Mark has to figure out how to survive on his own.  During part of his journey he is in contact with Earth.  But, contact is lost and he has to get creative.  Mark keeps a diary of his journey and some of his comments made me laugh out loud.  Good sense of humor considering his predicament.  I know the movie is now out.  Hope it lives up to the book.


Houston here I come!!

Hilton Head, Savannah and Book Review

October 20th, 2015

Joe and I just returned from a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. First stop was Beaufort and a visit with Marjorie, my guild contact, to pick up my boxes.  Thanks Marjorie for being very well organized.  It makes what I do so much easier.

Love the moss on the trees around Beaufort.


Blog 1

When I think of the low country: southern South Carolina and northern Georgia, I think of ancient trees and Spanish moss, which is neither Spanish nor moss. But everyone there calls it Spanish Moss.  Warning, do not touch it, handle it or God forbid, take it home in your luggage.  Apparently it is filled with bugs.  Funny that one of the papers we read said not to take it home in your luggage.  I guess some people have done that.


Next was Hilton Head and its wide beaches


Blog 2

and glorious coast line

Blog 3

There are hundred of sea birds

Blog 6

Marsh birds

Blog 4

Blog 5


Blog 8


and beautiful butterflies

Blog 9

The back roads are like driving on a movie set “Run, Forest, run!!”

Blog 10

I was fortunate to return to the Palmetto Quilt Guild. I love these ladies. Warm, friendly, caring, sharing and such fantastic appliquers. To learn more about the guild visit their site at

Blog 11


On the drive to Crossville, TN we listened to David Baldacci’s new book, Memory Man.  BOOK

David Baldacci has a new character, Amos Decker.  Amos was the only person in his little community to make it to the big time….playing professional football.  He is seriously injured and his life drastically changes.  Amos eventually becomes a police detective.  One night when he comes home from work he finds his wife and child were murdered.  During his depression he loses his house, his job and becomes homeless.  A year later someone comes into the police station and confesses to the murder.  A school shooting takes place during this same time.  I liked some of the twists this book took.  It will keep your attention as you read to find out how it all connects.

Crossville, Tennessee and Book Review

October 10th, 2015

On this adventure we traveled to Crossville, Tennessee.  Here is the sign as we entered town.  How nice that they take the time to decorate for the season.

blog 1


I visited the Cumberland County Piecemakers Quilt Guild  Here are some of the ladies from my day two class.  They look happy.  It was a real pleasure to spend two days with them.

blog 2


During our journey into Tennessee we visited the birthplace of Davy Crockett, but was saddened to discover he was born not on a mountain top, but in a river valley.

blog 3

While I was teaching someone found this donuts truck and Miss Millers’ homemade treats.  Guess who?

blog 4


And guess who could not resist?  They do look good don’t they?  There was no sharing, but I was told they were warm and soft, and smelled of vanilla, sugar and butter. The one doughnut (I bet he ate three) was well worth the $2.00 he readily spent.  It makes me hungry just looking at them.

blog 5


The stone bridge at the Cumberland Mountain State Park was built by the Conservation Corps in the 1930s and is one of the area’s most photographed sites.

Blog 10


What an interesting bush set against the rich native stone of the Tennessee mountains.

blog 6


A close-up of the rich purple berries of the beautyberry shrub.

blog 7


Saw this sweet kitty just sitting on the bank enjoying the sunshine.

blog 8



Voyager 1

I finished the third of what I call the “Outlander” series.  The saga of Jamie and Claire continues.  Clarie finds out that Jamie survived a very bloody battle at Culloden.  Claire makes some very difficult decisions, one being to travel back in time to find Jamie which means leaving her daughter.  I really do enjoy listening to this series while I am sewing.  I have watched season one on television so I have a clear idea of how the characters look.


Until next week…..  I am off to Hilton Head and Savannah this coming week.  I have never been in Savannah.  Looking forward to another adventure.



Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada and Student’s Work

October 2nd, 2015

The Mayflower Quilters from Halifax, Canada, hold a retreat at the Pictou Lodge every other year.  I understand they have been doing this for 30 years.  Bravo ladies.  Lots of hard work and lots of fun.  The location is absolutely beautiful.

Here are some photos I took on my morning and afternoon walks.















Here is Wanda hard at work on day one of the three day retreat.

Pictou 1


Ruth is stitching away…..

Pictou 2


Val making some progress.

pictou 4


Patricia has lots to show for the first two days of sewing.

Pictou 6



Pictou 7

Here I am with all of my fabulous students.



In the US, this is a Power Bar.

Power Bar 2



In Canada….this is a power bar.    Imagine the look on their faces when I said I ate a Power Bar for breakfast!!

Power Bar 1


The group has a show and tell on one of the evenings.  I am telling you that more than half of the quilts were large bed quilts.  It was an impressive show and tell.  Here is my guild contact, Barb Robson, sharing one of her large bed quilts.  Barb was just a pleasure to be around and to work with.

Pictou 5



Meg Latimer sent me this photo of her, on the left, and her quilter, Michelle Wyman.  They recently won an honorable mention at the AQS Quiltweek in Chattanooga, TN.  Meg used my Majestic Mosaic pattern.  How exciting!!!  And, the quilt looks fabulous.




Until next week…….

Utah and Student’s Work

September 24th, 2015

Joe and I visited Utah this past week as the guests of the Utah State Quilt Guild. It was for their 2015 Show and “Quilt Camp”. What a fun, energetic and talented group. For more information on the state guild visit

It was our first trip to Utah, but we are definitely returning. What a great area, great weather, great quilters, great people, great food and great sites!

We arrived a few days early to site see. Here are a few photos of what we saw:

On our drive through Big Cottonwood Canyon, a stand of aspens

Blog 2

From atop the mountain, aspens in glow,

Blog 1

The falls at the entrance to Ogden Canyon

Blog 22

then through Ogden Canyon on a road to Paradise …

Blog 3

On Sunday morning, Joe and I took a walk through downtown Salt Lake City. We walked past the Church of Latter Day Saints’ headquarters, conference center, Temple and gardens. Beautiful! We then walked up the hill to Utah’s Capitol Building. Upon returning to Temple Square, we took this photo.

Blog 23

A gentleman driving by stopped us and suggested we hurry to the Tabernacle (the round building as he called it) to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We were dressed in our gym clothes and said we did not think our attire was appropriate. Most couples we had seen were wearing standard “Sunday best” outfits (suits and dresses). The driver said,”God doesn’t care.” So, we went to the Tabernacle where the brothers and sisters of the LDS invited us in to hear the most moving performance we have ever witnessed.

Blog 21

The choir’s performance brought me to tears. If you ever visit Salt Lake City make certain on Sunday morning you arrive at the Tabernacle before 9:15 AM so you can get a seat to hear the angels sing.

While in the area, we spent time with my favorite and best quilter of all time: Renae Haddadin. We visited her shop: Quilts on the Corner in Sandy, UT.  To read more about Renae visit

Then, she and her wonderful husband, Muhannud, were vendors at the show! We saw each other all week. I love Renae and her husband and our short visit will be longer next time.

Blog 4

Here are a few of the wonderful quilters we met at “Quilt Camp.” Kimberly, the lovely lady in green in the front row attended high school in Fairless Hills, PA with my husband, Joe. Small world. The beautiful lady in blue behind Kimberly and to the left, Nina Cooke, was a member of the Tabernacle Choir for twenty years!! Such wonderful and friendly students.

Blog 5

The Quilt Show was spectacular!

“Gentlemen’s Fancy”, a quilt adapted from an original pattern of David Taylor’s, was designed, appliqued and exquisitely  quilted by Shirley L. Olsen of Orem Utah. The quilt won first place in the applique category and I also awarded it my teacher’s choice. As it turned out, Shirley had volunteered to be my “angel” during my stay in Utah. Not only was she a great hostess, she is a great quilter.

Blog 6

Blog 7

“Ronda’s Dragonflies” was designed, appliqued and quilted by Carol K. Armstrong of Logan, Utah. I love Carol’s designs and this piece won second place in hand applique. Carol named the quilt in memory of her dear friend who had recently passed.

Blog 11

Blog 12

“Rainbow Garden” was a collaboration of piecer Cindy Haag of Orem, UT and quilter LaRessa Baldwin. It was a second place winner and the embroidery on the quilt was fantastic!

Blog 17

Blog 18

“La Petite Chif O’e Voure”  designed and quilted by Helen Butler of Alpine, UT won first place in the miniature category. Fabulous!

Blog 19

Blog 20

Ilene H. King of Centerville, Utah had emailed me prior to my trip to Utah. She asked if she could stop by during my lunch break on Saturday to show me the blocks she had completed from my  book “Magical Medallions”. Here is Ilene and the blocks she finished. Great job Ilene!!

Blog 13

Blog 14

Blog 15

Blog 16

As it turned out, when she arrived at the show on Saturday,  Ilene discovered her quilt “Nature’s Spendor” had won Best of Show! The quilt blocks were taken from Margaret Dougherty’s book “Little Brown Bird” and Ilene designed her own lay-out and her own borders. Wow!!

Blog 8

Blog 9


Blog 10



Diane Kirk emailed me this photo of her finished “Ocean Sunrise” quilt top.  I love the gray shades Diane used and I really like the layout she choose.  Thanks for sharing Diane.

Diane-Ocean Sunrise


Until next week………  I’m off to Canada…….

New Additions and Book Review

September 4th, 2015

We have an old barn behind the property and every now and then we have a stray cat stop by. “Kitty Carlisle” (Joe named her) has been around most of the summer.

cat 2 blog


We have been feeding her and plan to capture her for a trip to the vet next week. We tried to get her into a carrying case last week and it did not go well…… all.  Kitty was not happy.   She disappeared for a few days. But she is back.  Of course she is back….she’s getting fed.  Joe bought her a kitty bed but Kitty Carlisle prefers to lounge in the dirt piles.

cat blog


Our vultures brought their new baby into the yard this week. He, she, it is so cute, so fuzzy and so big!!

volture blog



Whenever we have a baby vulture, which is at least one each year for the past many years, the parents teach the baby to get into the bird bath.  It’s always entertaining.

volture 1 blog

Today, mom and dad left baby at the bird bath by itself for three hours.  He just sat in the shade and took everything in. He even let us walk up to him. Fearless and adorable!!

Volture 5 blog

Mom did come by later to show him the way home (inside the barn). I just figured it was mom, because it was too early and who else picks up the kids?

Volture 6 blog




I just finished “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker” by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I started reading this book several weeks ago and got side-tracked on other things and finally got back to it.  The book is written through the eyes of Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker.  Elizabeth Keckley was born a slave but was able to earn her freedom with her sewing skills.  The book is more about the history of the time and Mrs. Lincoln than about dressmaking.  So, if you like historical novels you’ll like this book.  I found it slow in some places but still enjoyed the book.

Joe’s Wildlife Weekend and Student’s Work

August 28th, 2015

Joe and his buddy, Harry, have been fishing together for over thirty years. Harry recently bought an 1850’s log home. It sits on top of a mountain in North central Pennsylvania.

Blog 2

The cabin does have electric, running water and a gas stove but I don’t think I’ll be visiting as the bathroom is thirty feet from the house!


Blog 10

In the mornings, low clouds cover the area. Joe said it was truly magical.


Blog 1

Here are a few of the animals he spotted on his morning walk.


Blog 3

Harry has three pairs of hummingbirds circling the cabin…


Blog 4

And herds of deer.


Blog 13




Blog 7

Later in the morning, the guys drove down the mountain to one of Pennsylvania’s best trout streams. They refereed a race between the local inhabitants, a group of mergansers.


Blog 8

They saw several flocks of turkey.


Blog 9

Joe had just stepped out of his car and asked Harry if there were bears in the area. Harry said several just as this little one year old female walked up. She was shy and didn’t want her picture taken.


Blog 14



A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of Cathy Stemple’s finished block from my two day workshop at Quilt Odyssey.  Below is Cathy’s finished project from my one day class, Circular Garden.  Way to go Cathy.  And, she added a fun border to the design.

Cathy S