York Quilt Guild Show and Book Review

May 27th, 2016

I taught for a great group of ladies from the York Quilters Guild of York, Pennsylvania this past weekend. It was nice to be so close to home. It was a new venue for the guild show held on the campus of York College at the Grumbacher Sport and Fitness Center. It was a fabulous location for classes and for the show. Job very well done ladies. Great location.

Here are some students hard at work!


Barbara Colvin took a class from me a long time ago. We’re not telling how long. And, she made two of the blocks into the nice holiday table runner.




Paul Hallinger made this fun quilt called, “Rhonda Ruth Challenge”.



“It Takes Two” was made by Elaine Marshall.


Cathi Paszkiewicz made, “Big as a Thumb”.



Nice work, everyone!





I just finished reading another student recommended book called “The Same Sky”.  There are two story lines that merge.  Alice and her husband cannot have children.  They desperately want children.  They own a successful BBQ in Texas.  They try adoption but it just seems it’s not meant to be.  The second story line is about 13 year old Carla who lives is a very bad part of Honduras.  Carla is living with her grandmother and when her grandmother passes away she makes her way to Texas where her mother lives.  I really liked the character development in this book.

Mountain Heritage Quilters Guild in Fairview, WV and Book Review

May 19th, 2016

I recently worked with a really nice quilt guild, the Mountain Heritage Quilter’s Guild in Fairmont, West Virginia. To find out more about this truly amazing guild of just 44 members visit https://sites.google.com/site/mountainheritagequiltersguild. 

They held their classes at a fabulous quilt shop, Country Roads Quilt Shop, http://www.countryroadsquilts.com in Morgantown, West Virginia. If you are in the area, this shop is a must stop! And, there are lots of other really interesting stores in the same plaza.

Here are just a few photos from the shop…..





Lynda, in pink, is the president of the guild. Peggy, standing behind the table, is the shop owner. They were both so wonderfully organized.


Great group of students. I constantly have to pinch myself because I am so lucky to do something I love so much.



Book Review

I just finished the 4th book in the “Outlander” series, “Drums of Autumn”.  (The first book in the series is titled “Outlander”)  The saga continues with Claire, the time traveler, and Jamie.  In this installment their daughter, Brianna, makes the trip through the stones, back in time, to find her mother and the father she has never met.  Brianna has found some disturbing information and she must make the terrifying trip through time to share this information with her parents.  This book was 39 discs in length.  Just know it is going to take some time to read this series.  Diana Gabaldon does not know how to write a short book……..so get ready.


Ahhhh……. Vacation!…..and Student’s Work

May 13th, 2016

I just returned from a very much needed week of R&R at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I hand appliquéd every single day. One day, as I sat comfortably on the chaise lounge sewing, looking out at the ocean and watching an online quilt class I thought…… I died and went to heaven. I really needed some down time. Thought you might enjoy seeing just a couple of my favorite photos from the week.




Loved the colors in the seam foam.


Day one…..and only day one….as we walked up the beach we found numerous beautifully colored beetles.


We do see an occasional wild horse roaming about the dunes.

Blog 3


But, one afternoon while driving up the beach we saw more horses than people!


Blog 2

Also, there were geese and goslings…..


Blog 1


And, lots of Pelicans.


Blog 6

We returned home this week to find our vultures had returned to the bird bath.


Blog 4


Ahhhh! Ain’t love grand!! We’re going to have more babies.


Blog 5




Leota send me this photo.  She took my Fiesta Mexico-Block Three workshop last June at the show in Shipshewana. Great Job!!



Until next week…..

More From Quiltweek in Paducah

May 9th, 2016

Here are some more impressive quilts from Quiltweek-Paducah to feast your eyes upon……

Jeanne Kirwan of Illinois made this beautiful version of my “Oriental Garden” pattern.  She named her version “1208 Leaves”. I love how she shaded her leaves in the border area.

Jeanne received an Honorable Mention in the “Bed Quilts – 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest”.

Great Work!

Quilt 311


“Victory”, which won a 1st Place in the “Large Wall Quilts – Home Machine Quilted” category  was made by Colette Dumont from Canada.

Quilt 505a


Quilt 505b


“Oscar the Great” was made by Nancy Sterett Martin and Karen Sistek from Kentucky. This quilt placed 3rd in the “Large Wall Quilts – Home Machine Quilted” category. Hello, Oscar!

Quilt 525a


Quilt 525b


Best of Show!!

Marilyn Badger from Utah made Arandano”.  She won Best of Show. Her attention to detail was incredible. Good job, Marilyn!

Quilt 601a

Quilt 601b


“Sunburst” was made by Sherry Durbin from North Carolina. Sherry took home a 3rd place in the “Bed Quilts – Longarm Machine Quilted” category.

Quilt 206a


Quilt 206b


Nancy Simmons from Duncannon, Pennsylvania made “Iced Ginger Snap Latte” which placed 3rd in the “Bed Quilts – 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Contest. Way to represent PA, Nancy!


Quilt 317a


Quilt 317b


A 1st Place in the “Bed Quilts – Home Machine Quilted” category went to “Grandmother’s Cabin” which was made by Rahna Walker from Florida.




Quilt 110b


“Happy Halloween 2” was made by Aki Sahai from Japan. I am in awe of the quilt. The details are impressive and the hand workmanship was done to perfection. This quilt took home the “Best Wall Hand Workmanship” Award. Well done, Aki!

Quilt 1012a


Quilt 1012b


Quilt 1012c


Quilt 1012d


Quilt 1012e


Until next week………

AQS Quiltweek in Paducah

April 29th, 2016

The quilts at AQS Quiltweek-Paducah were really impressive this year.  Here are just a couple to feast your eyes on……

“Kan Oh Chi Rai-Prediction Study of the Past” was made by Yoshiyuki Ishizaki from Japan.  Love the color gradation.

” Celestial Sedona” was made by Norma Ippolito from Vermont.  Norma said it took her three years to make this quilt.  Glad she stuck with it.




“Oscillation” was made by Margaret McDonald and Susan Campbell from Australia.  Another quilt with great color gradation.



“In the Spring” was made by Rumiko Ooiwa from Japan.






“My Garden  Among The Roses” was made by Ayako Takaku from Japan.




“Judgement Of Osiris” was made by Georgia Spalding Pierce from Seattle, WA.  Georgia received first place in the Large Wall Quilts, Longarm Machine Quilted category.




“Kalocsa” was made by Chieko Shiraishi from Japan.  Chieko won first place in the Hand Quilted Quilts category.



The hand embroidery work was incredible.




Until next week…..





Recent Trips, Students Work and Book Review

April 11th, 2016

I’ve been on the road a lot recently.  I started this journey with a guild outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I am doing I forget to take photos.  That does not mean I did not have an excellent time while I was there.  As a matter of fact, just the opposite.  I loved working with Charlotte and Ona at the Cabarrus Quilt Guild.  To find out more about the guild visit http://www.cabarrusquiltersguild.org/About_Us.html 

Absolutely loved my time with these ladies.

Two ladies from the guild volunteered to drive me from their location to my next destination…Calla Lily Quilt Shop in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The employees in the shop were awesome and a big help to me when setting up, etc.

blog 2


While at the shop, Anne came by to share her in-progress “Circular Garden” quilt top. She started in my class this past summer.  Looking good Anne.

blog 1


I went home for a very short time….less than 24 hours…then drove to the Lebanon Quilters Guild in Lebanon, PA.    To find out more about the guild visit their website http://lebanonquiltersguild.com/. If this guild was just a little closer to me I would definitely join this group.

blog 5



While I was there, three different members shared projects.  First was Myrna Todd.  She took my Majestic Mosaic class this past summer and she beautifully hand quilted her piece.

blog 3



Pauline shared her “Garden Medley” project which she very nicely hand quilted.  Check out her ribbon!!

blog 4

And then, Jolynn shared her “Ocean Sunrise” project which she had nicely machine quilted.

blog 6


During my short time home…just 2 days….I was sick and in bed most of the time.  Good thing I was mostly sick during my down days.  Next up, we drove to Schenectady, New York.  If you live in this area, you can obtain more information about the guild by visiting http://quiltschenectady.org/

blog 8



The views were heavenly from the First Reformed Church of Scotia where they held their meeting.

blog 7


It rained very hard all day, hence the rain drops on the windows.  The sun came out and the views were fabulous early evening.  How nice of the weather to cooperate while we had to unload the car to bring quilts and goodies into the guild meeting.

blog 9

I’m off again this week to State College, Wind Gap and then Paducah.  Maybe I will see you some place along the way.





I just finished reading “Find Her” by Lisa Gardner.  I could not put this book down.  I was sucked in from page one.  This is, I think, the 8th in the series with Detective D. D. Warren as the lead character.  You do not need to read the previous books to get into this one.  The book starts with Flora, a fun loving college student who was on spring break, locked in a pine wood box.  She explains how it feels to be left inside the box where she cannot move her arms over her head, bend her legs, how hard the wood is on the back of her head…..like the pine box was built just for her…….  After 472 days Flora escapes.  And the story begins.  Do I have your attention?

Spring, Joe in Thailand and Book Review

April 1st, 2016

What a glorious spring we are having in Pennsylvania. Here is a photo of our weeping cherry tree in full bloom.

Blog 14

The tree only holds it’s flowers for about three days. I was home to actually see it this year.

I am traveling to North Carolina today so thought I’d share some photos from Joe’s recent trip to Thailand. A few miles from Joe’s brother’s home is Thailand’s King’s Wat. It is a thousand acre park with beautiful buildings, monuments and temples.


Blog 4


Blog 1

Visitors from around the world visit to this temple which houses the bones of Buddah.

Blog 5

Our nephew, Roy, in his teenage mutant ninja clothes. Can you say kowabunga dude?

Blog 3

Joe traveled to Elephant Island for a few days and saw great sun sets


Blog 1b

Lots of monkeys…..


Blog 2

Do they have a monkey Mary Kay’s in Thailand?

Blog 3


Blog 4

What a cute baby!


Blog 5


And, of course, Joe had to take a ride on an elephant.


Blog 2

Joe captured great photos of some birds.

A Siamese Fireback, the national bird of Thailand….


Blog 7


A Great Hornbill….


Blog 8

An Indian Roller….


Blog 6

an Eagle……

Blog 17

And my favorite, the Hoopoe…..


Blog 6a

While sitting outside, Joe saw this little guy crawling up the bush.


Blog 13




We saw this little book at a book store in Bloomington, Indiana. Craig Yo is the author and although it was a short read, as I turned the pages it just grew on me.


Blog 16

Which reminds me of my favorite Latin phrase : Res Firma Mitescere Nescit

Until next week ……

Quilting by the Bay in Panama City, Florida

March 25th, 2016

I get to travel to some pretty cool places and Quilting by the Bay quilt shop http://www.quiltingbythebay.com/ has to be one of the nicest quilt shops of all time.  The owners, Sandy and Al, are super nice people and very, very organized.  You know how I like to work with organized people.



The shop had a gazillion supplies.



A table with my products and supplies needed for the workshops was right inside the door.



There were 2 gazillion bolts of fabric.  (I don’t know how much a gazillion amounts to…..but it was a lot.)



Sandy and Al purchased the building next to them and renovated it for office use and the most incredible classroom I have ever seen at a quilt shop.  Two sides of the room had windows for excellent natural lighting. Then, lots of overhead lights, outlets on the floor under each table and each student gets their own table!!



I was able to spend time with some old friends and make some new friends.  What is not to like about that.  Below is Sharryn hard at work.



If you live any where in the area, you are very lucky to have such an excellent quilt shop.  And, if you live any where in the state or surrounding states, you should make the trip.   If you plan to visit Florida, you should make this one of your stops.  And, if you enjoy block of the month projects, you need to check out their website listed above.  Enough said.


Until next week….


Student’s Work, Illinois and Book Review

March 21st, 2016

I received a nice email this week  from two students who took my “Circular Garden” hand applique workshop.  They took the workshop together and are entering their pieces in their local guild shop.  The first one was made by Janette Tarr.

blog 1


And, this one was made by Sheva Farkas.

blog 2


Then, I got another email from Marlene McInturff.  She took my “Kansas Rose” workshop in February at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. Her project is completely finished!  And, it looks amazing.

blog 2



blog 3



blog 4

Thanks for ladies for sharing.  I love it when my students share.



During my recent trip to Indiana and Illinois, I taught at the Threads of Time Quilt Shop and Retreat Center in Danville, IL.

Blog 14



Blog 16


This is a fantastic shop and owners Missi and Bill were great. This is Missi. What a sweetheart!

Blog 15



The retreat can house over 30 quilters.  They have huge classrooms, comfy sleeping quarters and four different work areas.

Blog 17


Pack up your machines and head on out to Quilt Camp! To learn More about this great place visit http://www.threadsoftimefab.com


One of the ladies attending my lecture, L. Jeanne Krwin of Ivesdale, Illinois brought her finished

Magical Medallion quilt. Simply amazing. Great job Jeanne!

Blog 18

Blog 19


As we drove around the area, we saw fields with hundreds of wind mills

Blog 20


Then, as we turned down a country road, we came upon the best named town in all of Illinois, maybe in the United States.

Blog 21



Blog 22



Blog 24

and my favorite

Blog 23

To bad we don’t own it!!! As it turned out, the town maybe named for one of Joe’s ancestors. According to the local historian, the town was named for the founder’s favorite cousin, one  Theodorius Buckley of Philadelphia.




Blog 13

Joe and I listened to Nichols Sparks’ new book “See Me” on our drive home. It is definitely a must read or must hear.

Maria Sanchez, a young lawyer, is driving home one night and has a flat tire during a downpour. Colin, a tattooed young man with cuts and bruises on his face and hands stops to help. Maria reluctantly agrees and both are happy to leave the others’ company. The star crossed couple are later reunited by Maria’s sister and the two strive to find common ground on which to build a relationship. Maria, the daughter of immigrants who have built a large family restaurant and Colin, the spoiled child of a wealthy family with a criminal past.

Read it now or watch the movie when it is produced. Nicholas Sparks books are often turned into movies.


Until next week……




Bloomington, Indiana, the Indiana Heritage Quilt Festival, Book Review and Spring

March 12th, 2016

Joe and I just returned from a 10 day road trip to Indiana and Illinois. Great to be home even just for a day. I must apologize for not posting my blog from Virginia, but forgot to hit the Publish button before we left. If you read below you will see it. Virginia is for Quilters.

I am very lucky to travel to so many great places, explore interesting locales, eat great food, but most importantly, spend time with the best people in the world: quilters.

This grand sculpture, “Red, Blonde, Black and Olive” by a local sculptor, Jean Paul Darriau, greeted Joe and I as we drove into Bloomington, Indiana.

Blog 1d

I gave a lecture for the Bloomington Quilters Guild whose program coordinator, Becky, was a blessing. I love organization and Becky, her guild members and officers were the best. To learn more about the guild visit www.bloomingtonquiltersguild.com

The members of the guild volunteer and donate to the community and to the efforts of the Indiana Heritage Quilt Festival. This wonderful show was celebrating it’s Silver Anniversary and it had been 16 years since I had last taught at the festival. I worked with Paulette who had organized the teaching staff and she was amazing. The show  is a must visit for many reasons: the workshops, the fabulous quilts and special displays, the great staff and board members and the diverse, culturally rich Bloomington area. If you have not visited, next year put it on your list. Really, get your calendar out and mark the dates!! You can view all the winning quilts by visiting their website www.ihqs.org

Here were some of my favorite quilts:

Jan Hutchinson of Sedgwick, Kansas  won First Place in the Art Innovative Category for “Sunflower Deco”

Blog 2

Blog 2a

The Show had a category for the 25th Anniversary of the Festival. Annie Gianaris of Fishers, Indiana won Third Place for “The Journey Continues – Hope Springs Eternal”


Blog 1

Annie used 25 shades of gray fabric to create this wonderful piece.


Blog 1a


My bad. The name of this quilter was a blur on the photo taken of the label. If anyone recognizes the quilt and has the quilter’s name and info please email me. Thanks. I loved, loved this quilt and the color palate used. The border was exceptional!! Great job!!


Blog 4


Look it’s raining on the quilt or is that in the quilt?


Blog 4a


“Everything” from Jackie Spenser of Bedford, Indiana has phenomenal applique. The batiks she used gave such a great texture to the quilt.


Blog 3


Blog 3a


Now that Joe is traveling more with me, I get to venture out more. Each morning, whether we are home or away, we rise early and walk for an hour. I love Indiana University’s campus and the use of the local stone for it’s hundreds of buildings. It was so peaceful walking early in the morning as we had the place to ourselves.



Blog 6


The sculpture of a war correspondent sits outside the Media School.


Blog 8


The Chapel is small but ever so quaint.


Blog 7


The City of Bloomington has more of a small town feeling and hosts so many great restaurants. There are Indian, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, French, Greek, Italian, Mexican, North African, Irish, English, German, Organic, Vegan, American, …  fine dining to casual to fast food and some very, very, very…


Blog 5


The Up Town Cafe was our favorite: three times for breakfast and once for lunch. Their dinners looked amazing, but Joe would grab some take out so I could relax.


Blog 5b


On our walks, we found evidence that the winters in Bloomington are much colder than when I last visited 16 years ago: the locals are forced to knit sweaters for the trees!


Blog 9c


Blog 9a


Blog 9b


Blog 9d


Here in Carlisle, we had a taste of spring this week. And, the snow has all melted.


Blog 10a


Even Kitty Carlisle got to bask in the Spring’s warmth among the growing flowers. Yes, she happily survived in her heated cat house this winter and I think she is never leaving!


Blog 10c




Blog 11

On our drive from Virginia to Indiana, we listened to James Patterson’s new Alex Cross novel: “Cross Justice”. Dr. Alex Cross, the world re-known Washington D.C. detective and former FBI agent, returns to his boyhood North Carolina home after 25 years. Dr. Cross’s cousin, a local teacher, has been accused of the sex related murder of a student. The Cross family, including Alex’s grandmother, drive south for the trial to lend moral support. Dr. Cross can not stand by as the local judge, prosecutor and police department attempt to railroad the case and also accuse his family of other wrongdoings. They messed with the wrong man. Dr. Cross begins to delve into the matter, contacts his buddies at the FBI and assists his niece who is defending her cousin. During his private investigation which takes him from North Carolina to Florida and back, he learns hidden details of his past and assists the Palms Springs police in finding a serial killer. He is out for justice and this hometown will never forget his family’s fight for the truth. A must read.


I am off today for Panama City, Florida to teach. Joe asked if I was going on Spring Break and I said heck no, it’s Spring Work! Until next week  ……………….