Book Review

February 7th, 2016

This past week I was back for the second year of The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Applique.  To find out more visit the website

I taught “Spring Time”, a machine applique project,  as a three day workshop.


Here are some of my most excellent students working very hard on their version of my project.









Hopefully each of my students will be sending me a photo of their finished project so I can share it with you.

Working with Kathy and her mother is a real treat.  If you love applique consider checking out the schedule for next year when it is posted.  I’ll be returning next year….not sure what I’ll be teaching just yet but possibly one hand and one machine applique project….each for three days.




Book Review Grafton

Just finished listening to Sue Grafton’s book “X”.  Kinsey Milhone is a PI living in California.  For those of you who are unfamiliar…the series started with “A is for Alibi” and we’re all the way to “X” now.  That’ a lot of writing on the part of Sue Grafton.  Kinsey always gets herself into some interesting predicaments and has some strange clients which makes for some fascinating story lines.  I thought the book was a little slow in the middle…sorry Sue…but I did enjoy the book.


Naples Florida, Snow and Book Review

January 30th, 2016

I had the pleasure of working with the guild in Naples, Florida this past week.  Great group…so appreciative.  I taught one hand and one machine applique workshop.  Here are some of the ladies hard at work in the hand applique workshop.

Blog 2



Blog 3


The classes were held at a really nice quilt shop called “Flash. Sew and Quilt”.   It was a great classroom.

Blog 4


After the first day of classes we rushed to the beach to see the sunset.

Blog 8


There were several wind surfers on the beach.  There was strong wind and these guys and girls were flying across the waves.  Fascinating.

Blog 11



Blog 9


Directly behind us, on the beach, was this amazingly beautiful full moon.

Blog 12


While we were enjoying some sun in Florida our part of the world was getting hit with a very, very big snow storm.  Here is what Joe’s car looked like in the parking lot at the airport when we returned.  It took him 30 minutes to shovel enough snow to move the car out of the spot.  Crazy.

Blog 15


Joe keeps a heater in the bird bath during the winter and our vulture buddy came to visit.  We don’t normally see the vultures during the winter.  He was having a good old time.

Blog 20



I am a Linwood Barclay fan and I did enjoy his new book “Broken Promise”.


David Harwood and his young son have moved back in with his parents after his wife passed away.  David lost his job at the newspaper.  David’s cousin, Marla, lost a child at birth and has had issues adjusting.  Someone drops a baby off at Marla’s house and David finds his cousin and baby at her home when he stops to check on her.  The story line has some good twists and the book definitely kept my interest.


I’m off to the Dallas area this week to teach at The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Applique.

Aloha! Kauai, Hawaii and Book Review

January 17th, 2016

My sister and I took our first sister trip ever to Kauai, Hawaii.  There was so much beauty at every turn.  Below are just some of my favorite photos from our very memorable trip.  All of my photos were taken using my IPhone 6s.

Blog 1



Blog 2



Blog 3



Blog 4



Blog 5


Picture below..this is called Spouting Horn.

blog 6



blog 7



blog 8

We had a 4wd rental so we drove on every and I do mean every road on the island. Around each bend we’d find another slice of paradise.


blog 9



blog 11


The gentleman at the botanical garden told us this plant is called Blue Jade.  I have never before seen nor had I heard of this plant.  So beautiful.

blog 12


As we were photographing the falls..the two photos below…this wild board walked up behind us.  I almost peed my pants!

blog 13



blog 14



blog 15

I hated to leave the island, but so glad to come home!!!


Book Review:


I really liked this book: “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah.  You must put this on your reading list.  The story begins in France in 1939.  It is about two resilient sisters, Isabelle and Vianne.  The story takes you through their journeys during the war.  READ THIS BOOK.  You will love it.  Hard to put down.  Extremely well written.

Happy New Year and back on the road to Delaware

January 8th, 2016

Joe and I spent the first day of the New Year 2016 with our girls on the Outer Banks.


Ahhhhhhh! The best place on earth just to sew and chillax.


Blog 1


On Sunday, we headed to Lewes, Delaware. I love the beach. Lewes is a beach town, therefore, I love Lewes. Love the beach, the great shopping, the fabulous restaurants and the excellent quilters! I gave a lecture and workshop for the  Ocean Waves Quilt Guild. What a fantastic group. They are lucky to have Ginny as one of their officers as working with her was wonderful. To learn more visit their website at: .

I have taught many, many times in the Lewes area and one of my former students, a member of the guild, Lucy Morgan, brought her finished Magical Medallions Quilt to show me.  The quilt is stunning. Great job Lucy!!


Blog 2


Here are some of the ladies from the guild


Blog 3


And we were grateful to have Skip as a member who did such a good job helping Joe display the quilts during the lecture. Thanks Skip!


Blog 4


The next morning on our way to my workshop, we noticed these beautiful white birds landing in a field. Luckily Joe had his camera.


Blog 6


I had never seen snow geese, but now understand that Delaware in and around Lewes is a stopping point for a many migrating birds.


Blog 7


We saw a few, then more



Blog 8


and still more


Blog 9


Until the entire field was covered with thousands of the snow geese


Blog 5


Even when Joe put on his wide angle lens he could not get them all


Blog 10


We watched and listened to their songs of happiness as they picked away in the field.

Then in a second, with the whooping sound of ten helicopters,


Blog 13


They all rose


Blog 11


and rose, then headed south


Blog 14


Truly a wonder to witness.


I’ll have a few book reviews the week after next, because I am heading out to Hawaii this evening with my sister Paula. We have never done a sister trip and we are spending a week on Kauai so I will not be writing until my return.




Outer Banks in North Carolina and Book Review

January 2nd, 2016

We spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  For those of you who follow my blog you know we travel to the Outer Banks one to two times each year.  It really is our favorite place to relax.  And we can take our sweet dogs with us which makes it an even better vacation.

Here is a panoramic shot from our balcony.

Outer Banks 1


We did not have much sunshine on this trip but we were able to walk on the beach comfortably as the weather was in the 70’s most of the week.  One day we were walking up the beach for about 45 minutes, which meant we had to go back 45 minutes.  We started walking back and all of a sudden I turned around and this is what I saw in the sky behind us. Yikes!!

Outer Banks 2


The temperature dropped 20 degrees in a matter of seconds as we saw one ugly storm was coming up the beach.  And it was moving quickly.

Outer Banks 4


What does that mean?  It means…walk really fast or you are going to get wet.

Outer Banks 5



We made it without getting too wet!  Yippee!!


On the ride down we listened to Michael Connelly’s new book “The Crossing”.

Book Review

I am a Michael Connelly fan and I love his character Harry Bosch.  This book also includes the Lincoln Lawyer character.  Harry is now a retired detective.  His brother, Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer has asked Harry to help him on a case.  Harry is not happy about crossing to the other side as he has worked on the police force for a long time. He resists going to the dark side but agrees to do so because he believes his brother is representing an innocent man. Bosch wants to find the real killer.  The book kept my interest.  I have one complaint….Dick Hill has been the reader of the Harry Bocsh series and I have grown to like his voice, inflection and delivery. This new book featured a new reader and I did not believe he was as good as Dick Hill.  Sorry new reader.  But the book was still great.


Have a wonderful New Year.  I hope it is filled with peace, prosperity and lots of love.


More From Houston and Book Review

December 18th, 2015

Six friends from Phoenix, AZ : Wand Seale, Margot McDonnell, Evelyn Link, Patricia Bliss, Barbara Janson and Georgia Heller created “Spirit of Sedona.” They took a photograph and cut it into six sections. Each of the six quilters created a panel which they joined to create this masterpiece. Well done ladies!

Blog 62

“Magical Zone” by Keiko Ike of Kochi, Japan  received a First Place in the Mixed Techniques category.


Blog 63

Her piecing, applique and quilting are wonderful and her choice of color is truly magical.


Blog 63a

Another close-up


Blog 63b

Linda Fleshner of North Fond Du Lac, WI created this magnificent, monochromatic masterpiece. She was awarded a Third Place ribbon in the Mixed techniques category.


Blog 64

What a great use of light and dark.


Blog 64a

Great quilting!!


Blog 64b

Robbie Joy Eklow of Third Lake, IL won Third Place in the Large Art Abstract category for her stunning “Kenophobia”. No empty spaces here. You can find out more about Robbie and her work by visiting


Blog 65

I love all the circles and the bight color choices.


Blog 65a

Robbie’s work is such a feast for the eyes!


Blog 65b



Jack Reacher is back with a vengeance in Lee Child’s lastest release, “Make Me.”

Jack Reacher is a former Military Police Major who left the army after hitting a colonel. Look up bad ass in the dictionary and it says : SEE Jack Reacher. Reacher has no home, no furniture, no car, no wardrobe, no personal property at all. He has a bank account, money in his pocket, a tooth brush and the clothes he wears. He travels around, not looking for trouble but when he sees something wrong, he just can’t leave.

Reacher steps off a train from Oklahoma City to Chicago  in a small town called “Mother’s Rest” because the name intrigued him. Had a wagon train traveling west been forced to stop so a woman could have her child? Or, was there a memorial to the mother of a famous person? Reacher just needed to know. But, what he found was a former FBI agent turned PI looking for a missing friend. She was never briefed on why her friend, another former FBI agent, had come to Mother’s Rest. It had something to do with a science writer for the Los Angeles Times – might be agriculture, could be the internet. Reacher volunteers to help her find her friend. All Reacher knows is that the locals are anything but friendly or helpful. Needless to say, Jack Reacher is not leaving until he finds out why. And, of course,  kicks a little butt along the way. I did not have an inkling as to what they would find. Great job Mr. Childs!


Lee Child

Again, More From Houston and Update on Kitty Carlisle

December 11th, 2015

Karen Eckmeier from Connecticut made “Rambling Roses”.

blog 57


To find out more about Karen, visit her website

blog 57a


This is also a Karen Eckmeier quilt called “River Stones”.

blog 58



blog 58a


“Flowers in the Crystal” was made by Kiyoko Ishihara from Japan.

blog 59


Great use of “fussy” cutting the fabrics.

blog 59a


I have been saying for the past many years…..”I have not seen a Sally Collins quilt in ages and I love her work”.  Well, Sally stepped out of the box with her quilt called “Discovery”.  I love it when I look at a quilt, like it and then am shocked when I see the quilter’s name and would have never expected this from them.

blog 60


Sally won first place in the Innovative Pieced category.  To find out more about Sally visit

blog 60b


Her layout is so different from her traditional style but she certainly showed off her precision piecing.



Yoshiyuki Ishizaki made “Kan Oh Chi Rai-Prediction by Study the Past”.  She is from Japan.

blog 61


Impressive use of an incredible fabric collection. Yoshiyuki won second place in the Innovative Pieced category.

blog 61 a


Joe built Kitty Carlisle a perch right outside of our side door. She loves it.

Blog 1


She can see us and we can see her. We have been able to touch her and even got her to the vet for shots, treatments and her ears are looking better. No more mites!

blog 2

The nights have been getting a little colder….now Kitty Carlisle has her own heated house which was built and given by our friends, Wanda and John. Kitty picked her own decorations

Blog 3

Now, if its rainy or cold, Kitty goes in for a nap.

Blog 4

Life is good!


Until next week……..



BERNINA and More From International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX

December 5th, 2015

Earlier this week I attended a BERNINA Ambassador get together.  We had lots of fun and learned a lot.  We played with several BERNINA feet, did some machine embroidery and played on the new Q machines.  It is fun to be a student.  Here I am with some of my good friends, Sue Nickels, Laura Wasilowski and Kimberly Einmo.  I think when we packed our clothing for this trip we must have all been thinking of the BERNINA red color…..  I loved sewing on the new Q machines.



Molly Hamilton McNally from Tehachapi, California made “Reborn”.  It won first place in Innovative Applique.

Blog 50



Blog 50a


For more information on Molly visit

Blog 50b



“Guardians of the Jade Vine” was made by Ruth Bloomfield of Atherton, Queensland, Australia.  It won third place in Innovative Applique.

Blog 51



Blog 51a



“Why Not?” was made by Angela Petrocelli of Prescott Valley, Arizona.  She won 1st place in the Traditional Pieced category.  If I read the information correctly this was her first quilt.  Amazing! My first quilt did not look anything like this.  Not even close.

Blog 52


This quilt has 10,000 pieces!

Blog 52a


And 2,000 different fabrics! Wow!

Blog 52b



“Harvest Falls” was made by Kathy McNeil from Tulalip, Washington.  Love this quilt Kathy.  It received third place in the “Art-Naturescapes” category.

Blog 53


For more information on Kathy visit

Blog 53a




“Earth, Wind and Fire” was made by Barbara Olson from Molt, Montana.

Blog 54


For more information on Barbara visit her website

Blog 54a



“Pride” was made by Sachiko Chiba from Morioka, Japan.  She won 2nd place in Merit Quilting-Hand.

Blog 55



Blog 55a



“Pure” also by Sachiko Chiba from Japan won 1st place in Merit Quilting-Hand.

Blog 56



Blog 56a



Blog 56b



Until next week……

Trip to Webster, New York

November 27th, 2015

Our first day in Webster, New York, working with the guild I only had to present a lecture around lunch time and the rest of the day was ours to goof off.  I like it when we have a little time to goof off!  So we drove along Lake Ontario.  How beautiful.  The first photo is of the lighthouse in Sodus Point.

Blog 1

Here are some other things we saw during our drive:


Blog 2



Blog 4



Blog 5



Blog 6


The coast is beautiful.  I’m wondering just how cold it gets during the winter……..  If I lived in the area during the winter I think I would like to stay inside and sew.  And I would like my sewing chair to be in such a place that I had a view of Lake Ontario……..dreaming……

Blog 7


Check out the happy ladies from the Webster Quilt Guild.  For more information about the guild go to

Blog 8



Blog 9


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I know I have a lot for which to be thankful!!

Until next week……

More From International Quilt Festival and Student’s Work

November 20th, 2015

“Disappearing Bees” was made by Christine Alexiou from Canada.  She won third place in the “Embellished” category.  To see more of Christine’s work visit

blog 31



blog 32


In the “Traditional Applique” category, Barbara Korengold from Maryland won first place for “Ben’s Midnight Garden”.

blog 33



blog 34



blog 35


Andrea Perejda from California won 2nd place for “Arroyo Grande Album”.  For more information on Andrea, go to her website

blog 36



blog 37


Beth Nufer and Clem Buzik from Oregon won 2nd place for “Barbara’s Circle”.

blog 38



blog 39



blog 40


I visited the Chambersburg Quilt Guild this past weekend.  It’s great to be invited back to a guild and for it to be so close to home.  One of the guild members, Kathi Stoner, brought along her version of my Majestic Mosaic pattern.  Kathi took the class from me in July at Quilt Odyssey.  Thanks for sharing Kathi.  Looks good.  Kathi did some fun fussy cutting of her fabrics for her little circles.  Time well spent.

Kathi Stoner

Until next week…..